Vital WRUP


Dr. S has flown the coop again so you poor souls are stuck with me and my wacky taste in music. This weeks ear worm should pair well with everyone's seemingly hectic weekend over the horizon. Hey as long as the music pairs well with Dirty Bomb or Overwatch then I'm good :D


So as the Seagulls mutter, "Watcha doin'  with your life?"


  • AndrewThe Last Blade.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): I'm so old I've forgotten how to find my way home. Can someone please help?
  • Scrooloose: Finishing up Hammerfight for Game club. Might get to actually play something else as well this weekend. If so it'll probably just be more No Nan's Sky, or if possible I'd like to finish Song of the Deep so I can write about it.
  • Thomas (Twitter): Plans for the weekend are still in flux, so either nothing or some Deus Ex. Probably nothing though.
  • TruLegendKiller: Been playing Saint's Row IV and some World of Warcraft. Besides that I haven't been playing a lot as real life is back in full swing.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Gonna be a bit busy this weekend so we'll see if can kick my sudden Dirty Bomb itch at all assuming I have time.