Useless WRUP

Hello Games got hacked. Or did they? No idea. Maybe Sean Murray just had a tiny breakdown before the PR department stepped in. I really don’t envy the guy. Sure, NMS was a bit of a letdown, but still an enjoyable game. After the original reveal, there was no way for Hello Games to win in this scenario (besides the obvious monetary success). What is one supposed to do in this situation? I’m also not sure how I feel about their zero information policy post-release. From the perspective of a gamer, I find it troubling for the game, while also not really caring much. 2016 isn’t exactly going to be known as the year where we had nothing good to play. As part of the media, I don’t really care either. I’m no longer doing news (thank fuck), and no one asked me to write about it so far. Well, this is turning out to be a really useless WRUP. Maybe I should just stop :)

So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Played some Hearthstone today but the rest of the weekend is “Work and Relationship”.

Scroo: Beneath a Steel Sky for Game Club of course. I've also reinstalled Rage and have been playing that for some time. I had forgotten how slow that game starts off but once it gets going it's pretty fun still. Holds up fairly well now that hardware tech has caught up to the poor texture caching.

Cody: Beneath a Steel Sky! It was drawn by a famous artist!

Grey: beneath a steel sky!  [for gameclub] - looking forward to revisiting it.  it's been...twenty three years or something, at this point.  also:  baldur's gate:  dark alliance.  haven't played that in a very long time, either.  am much of the way through it.  it's still just a fairly bland, competent diablo-like, but it's comforting to play.  and also:  the longest journey.  yeah.  i finally got back on the bus :P