Another Friday, another WRUP. I’m repeating myself on these …way more than I should. After all, it’s usually not more than a couple of lines. Guess that comes from doing them ad-hoc without anything to say in the first place. Could “think first – write afterwards” be a solution to this problem? Is it even a problem? Aren’t we just here to let our peers know what we’ll going to play over the weekend?

Well, at least I’m not talking about politics. Right?

So, let’s talk about Trump. Did you know that his parents were called Frederick Christ and Mary Ann, and his siblings Maryanne and Fred? That must have been a mess at the dining table. “Christ Fred, stop playing with your food! No, not you. Your father!”

So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Playing Tetris with my schedule

Greywolfe: I am still away.

Scroo: Basically the same as lat week. Grim Dawn, Far Cry 4 and Ziggurat. I'm also going through my list and choosing my soon to come 4 in February titles.

Cody: Candy Crush

Tru: Angry Birds

AJ: FarmVille