Twenty 20-1 WRUP

Happy new year! We win! Eat it, last year, you ****ing hasbeen!

Hey everyone, we all hope you had a great, safe new year. Mine was boring and I spent it alone. That was not ideal I have to say, but such is life right now. I did watch a couple of good movies and had a couple beers. It was fine. Most importantly, I didn't go into a crowd of people and risk their health and vice-versa. Secondly, 2020 is done and behind us. And thank goodness for that.

Now as for these movies I watched... there have been a bunch actually since just after Christmas. The Professor and the Madman, is a movie about the creation of the first Oxford Dictionary. It's a lot more interesting than it sounds and was quite a good movie. Extinction, is about a family trying to survive an alien invasion with a great twist. Not the best of the movies I watched but it had a great premise. Shot Caller, is a movie with almost zero happiness so beware of that. It's about a guy who accidentally kills his friend in a car accident and has to become a monster in prison in order to survive. Anon, is an interesting, almost cyberpunk, detective story. It's got some holes in the plot I didn't love but it's worth a watch. Midnight Sky, basically about the end of humanity, again not lots of happiness here but I enjoyed the movie for the most part. Those are all on Netflix and I recommend them. This last one is on Amazon movies and it's called The Vast of Night. Set in the late 50's about a couple of teenagers who discover a strange signal on a telephone switch board and a radio program, and their interest in finding out what it is. Of course make sure you pay attention to ratings and descriptions because almost all of these films contain language, sex, violence etc. Professor and the Madman and Vast of Night are the safest to watch with a family and Anon and Shot Caller are both the most mature in nature.

Not a lot happening in game news this week what with the holidays and all. There was an article that had me fooled for a bit about a bunch of 30 series GPU's being found in containers in Spain. But it was just part of a kind of April Fools celebration they have there and thus was not a real story. Yeah not a lot else besides. I'll leave you with the GN disappointment build of 2020. A great tradition where Gamers Nexus assembles a machine built from the worst PC parts of the year. This time with a bit of a twist because hey, those parts aren't really available.


And what are we playing to start the new year?

AJ: Well, I’m done with December, and with Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order. Now I’m going to spend the next couple weeks trying to catch up on 2020 titles I hadn’t gotten around to yet. First up, Carrion and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Greywolfe: magic and earthlock. i found the polar regions in earthlock and those guys are beating me up, good grief. the game spikes pretty hard toward the end. having to go back a region or so to level up to the maximum level [that's level 20], but even then the fights are going to be scary.

Yoda: Prolly gnna play some more Hitman 2 and check out Plague Tale Innocence.

Scrooloose: Deep Rock Galactic is still the co-op jam I'm in to. I finished my first play through of CP 2077 and once I have my new GPU I'll probably do that again. I'll probably jump back into AC Valhalla and begin mopping that up. And maybe, just maybe, finally get back into SnowRunner since it's major updates added so much content some weeks back.

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