too hot to wrup

I hate summer and I hate my flat.


Thomas: Anything I'd play on my PC or console would just increase the temps in my flat even more and it's already a sauna, so maybe some Switch stuff while taking refuge in my fridge.

Grey: i'd like to say that i have been/will be productive, but amfv [a mind forever voyaging] and i are going to get a divorce.  lol.  i haven't played it at all this week and that was sort of my plan [for the weekend, too.] - i finished off costume quest and am thinking about what to put in it's place, but haven't quite figured out what i want.  i'm not sure if i want another rpg or a platform game.  so it's sort of a tie between those two things.  i'm back on the quest for glory 3 story trail, so that's good.  tl;dr:  greywolfe is being lazy and unproductive.

Scroo: Well I waited for the Steam Summer Sale to start and finally picked up 'The Surge' so I'm looking forward to diving into that. More Vermintide as well because that's the bee's knees. But not a lot of either because we're having a family reunion this weekend, so games are taking a bit of a back seat.

Cody: Stellaris! Dr S what have you done!!!!??!??!

Tru: Persona 5

AJ: Knowing myself, probably none of the games I just picked up in the Steam Summer Sale. Maybe some Street Fighter V though. (And Superhot!)


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    Totally missed posting this weekend, but I played a lot of vidya games. Friday night was GTA online with a friend, Saturday afternoon started off with ESO Morrowind with another friend, then a couple hours of Horizon: Zero Dawn, later followed by Everspace. Sunday saw more Horizon: ZD and Everspace, while watching the movie Logan in between.

    Are you thinking about writing up anything on The Surge, Scroo? I’ve been curious about it and I’ve seen mixed opinions from other fans of the Souls games.

    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      Yeah I’m actually uploading a first impression video as we speak and I’ll tie it to an article as well. Hopefully that will go up some time today.

      • Tim Chesson says:

        I’m definitely interested to hear your opinion. I’ve been leaning towards buying this on the PS4 too, since for the first time, my CPU is actually below min spec for something I want. My GPU is fine so I might be ok, but I’m worried I’m bottlenecked.

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