This WRUP Though

Man I've been busy lately. Today is no different so I have to make it quick. I hope you're all having a good weekend. Let's see what's up with this GPU drop.

Well the AMD GPU release went about as expected. Bots and scalpers seem to have taken a lot of the initial stock and that sucks. AMD also has a loyalty program that allowed members to purchase GPU's before they actually went on sale. The word around the yard is that there was something like ten times the expected interest in products and that contributed to the shortages as well. Not to mention COVID issues still plaguing the shipping of new products etc etc. Recently I even read somewhere that AMD is planning on stopping production of it's own 6000 series reference cards in early 2021. That doesn't mean AIB's can't use reference designs still of course but it does mean one less source in the long term. Not to mention partners can't release their own design until the 25th, still three days away at this point, and they're still under the thumb of supplies. They can only complete boards as fast as they're receiving cores. This goes for AMD and Nvidia. My prediction is that all the partners cards will immediately sell out as well. I would expect the overall shortages to continue at least through December with January starting to see some normalizing. I think the scalpers want all the stock they can get because of the holidays coming up. Don't support scalpers, please just be patient. Supplies will come even if we're frustrated by the time scale.

What's the plan this weekend?

Greywolfe: i finished streaming coteries of new york [the vampire game] so now i'm streaming earthlock. which is VERY ps1-inspired. cony was ok. the ending was too rushed and came out of nowhere, though. alas. apart from that? just more magic, because while i hate the client that game is baked into and the way it's being monetized, it's the "legal" way to play the game right now. :(

AJ: Halo 5: Guardians and WRC 8.

Yoda: Think I'm close to beating Ghostrunner so ima do that.

Scroo: Playing Deep Rock Galactic still, with friends. SnowRunner just released it's latest expansion and I'm eager to start that but I'm currently ass deep in AC Valhalla and I don't think I want to try to juggle the two so I guess it'll be that first.

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