#4iF folks!
Yep, that’s it from me this week.
But what’s everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Same as every weekend. Nothing. (But I did manage to finish FF15 this week, so that’s ¼ of 4iF done)

Cody: Back on a small Dota ick as of late, but I'll try to squeeze out Undertale this weekend for #4if

Tru: Not much free time, what with being a teacher, but if I do have some time to kill, Final Fantasy XV. Best Final Fantasy in years.

Andrew: Don't care about 4IF this week because classic Neo Geo and Capcom arcade games always supersede just about anything else! I'll probably get back to the 4IF next week. (But who knows?)

Grey: sr3 wrapup. i know i promised that last week, but like i drink coffee, i play games REALLY SLOWLY. i'm also half way through broken age. it is pretty meh all around for the most part. i did like the twist at the end of the first half, though. so, four in february rolls onward. i'm also sort of nearing the end of primordia. i have to build the council code. love that game, so, so much. apart from that, i'm sort of also tearing my hair out at the legendary mode of ryse. it is essentially "this is the developer screw mode" of the game.

Scroo: I've been playing Mankind Divided and enjoying it's slow pace. Also Satellite Reign co-op along with some Vermintide. And finally I'm still kinda of cruising in Invisible Inc for Game Club.