The WRUP Is back

You probably didn’t notice, but somebody forgot to post a WRUP last week. Wasn’t me, I promise! Ok, maybe it was me. But nobody jumped in either, so don't blame me!

As a result of this, I now hired somebody else who might help out in these times of need, and by “I hired” I mean “Cody found someone doing this for free by claiming it was for charity”. And is there a better occasion to introduce him than during a WRUP? Probably, but we all know I’m a lazy prick. Anyway, let’s have a big round of applause for … (hey Cody, what’s his name again? No, his real name. That is his real name? No way, fuck off! Fine, I just call him George)

His name is George! So George, what are you playing over the weekend?

“I haven't been playing much this week. However, I did try out the demo of Resident Evil: Biohazard VII. Ugh... I don't know what to make of this. While I love that Resident Evil is going back to horror, something it hasn't been since maybe RE3, or 0, they are clearly stepping on the coattails of things like PT, Outlast, Alison Road, Slinder, Five Nights at Freddy's so on and so forth. That is not to say the demo wasn't... fun? Eh, not many jump scares as the horror more came from the atmosphere (they did nail that) I felt more blah about the whole 20 minutes it took me to finish it.
Thing is, I like Leon S Kennedy, I like Chris Redfield, I like Jill Valentine, these are the characters for the past 6+ games I've grown to care about. While it's good they are trying to be scary again... If this is a full first person game, something will be missing. Now I read what was in the demo won't be in the game, they are just trying to showcase the feeling of the coming game... All I can hope is it goes back to its roots while pushing forward. Honestly I would love to see a game where Jill and Leon team up. This did help to get the bad taste out of my mouth that was left over from RE 6 (all but Leon's part of the game was shit) I just don't want Resident Evil to become another first-person cookie-cutter jump scare horror.”


I said weekend, but fine, we get it right next week. What about the rest?


Scroo: putting this here since I'm leaving in the morning for a few days:  I'm working on Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, it's been good but not as engaging as The New Order was. Also still giving Total War: Warhammer it's fair due. I'm not really enjoying it much though, sadly. Finally, I'm still messing around in Galak-Z. That's been a lot of arcade, bullet hell style fun.

Greywolfe: i was going to try and play things, but then a bunch of real life happened and at night i was trying to watch e3.  so i got nothing done.  this weekend, i'm going to try and pick up king's quest and then start in on a brand new chronicle account :)

Cody: Im gnna suck at Dota for a bit too get pumped for the couple upcoming tourneys leading into Ti6. More Overwatch as usual waiting for ranked play to come around, and a bit more Rocksmith since I got the No Cable Mod working around Ubisofts awful hardware based drm.

Thomas: IMMER WIEDER, IMMER WIEDER, IMMER WIEDER ÖSTERREICH! I mean, watching Austria lose at the Euro 16. Maybe some Wolfenstein on Sunday, since seems fitting.