Did you know that Twinstiq is currently doing another Game Club?

It’s about a game called Loom or some shit, I think. Don’t ask me, I’m just the messenger. Anyway, we did this Game Club thing before with Deus Ex, if you can remember. It was a great success, gathering critical acclaim from all over the world. The UN even acknowledged it as one of the most culturally important gatherings of random people on the internet. Then disaster struck. On November 22nd, 2015, The internet archives went down for only 5 minutes and when they were back up, almost everything surrounding the Game Club was gone. Even worse, no one, even Ban Ki-moon himself, could remember that they were taking part in it. We still don’t know why or how this happened. Was it Aliens? Illuminati conspiracy? Maybe Kofi Annan, jealous that he wasn’t invited?

Whatever the case, this means we have to start from scratch. So tell your friends, tell your family, and most importantly, tell whoever is going to become the ninth Secretary-General of the United States, that the Twinstiq Game Club is back and playing Loom!


What’s everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: I’m stuck at my girlfriends place, for at least another day, which means no gaming… And boy, am I going through withdrawal right now. Once I have some time, and the temperature inside my place stays below the boiling point of steel, I’ll finally get into my Vive. Like reeeeal deep. Like, ooooh baby, show me those virtual mountains, procedurally generated in Elite: Dangerous. Like juicing bananas and tomatoes and then spreading it all over my slab of meat in Job Simulator, mmmm, the sexual deviancy.

Greywolfe: so, last week, i watched the introduction to quest for glory 3, this week, i get to actually play.  [i also imported my long-term character for the game into this new entry and he managed to import just fine.  as an added bonus, because i wished for magic in the last game - a thing i got to do because i freed a genie - i get to start off with the level cap of 300 points in magic.  which is going to make the game pretty trivial, considering that i'm playing a mage in this playthrough ;)] - i'm winding down loom and trying to think of what to play next.  i'm also some of the way through "a blind legend" - which i am feeling a bit iffy about - the control scheme could use a little work and the save game system /definitely/ needs an overhaul.  but, yeah...need to think about a game for a loom replacement ;) [for those of you playing along, we're finishing loom for the game club this weekend.]

Cody: Well Overwatch has a new hero who looks fun a hell, so I'm have to give that a shot. Won't be trying,out competitive anymore though after the hero limit is implemented. Rocksmith has been fun as always and I'll keep messing around on that till my fingers bleed. If I have time I'll throw some rounds of Dota in there, the qualifier matches where awesome to watch and im sure TI6 will be really entertaining once again. Aside from those I'm excited to see what game the Game Club has in store for us next!

Andrew: Still trying to find time for Loom. I may not finish on schedule but I will definitely complete it, nonetheless. I also finally finished the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD recently so my son and I are now working on the second quest. I am ashamed to say that I ultimately had to break down and consult an online guide for how to defeat puppet Gannon. I really hate doing that but it doesn't make any sense to me that you are supposed to aim for the tail despite the fact that Link automatically targets his giant gaping mouth. I literally wasted hours trying to chuck bombs in there with zero effect (in addition to other, equally useless strategies). Kind of irritating, to be honest.

Scroo: Loom is finished for Gameclub and I decided to go through Hammerfight so that when my turn eventually comes up I can give stopping points for the rest of the club. Also still casually rolling through Stick of Truth. It's been just a funny, extended South Park episode. And my harmonic balancer finally showed up but I'm not sure it's the right one. Seems at first glance to much bigger diameter than the orginal on my engine. I'll just have to tear the front end of my truck down to know for sure, but all the part numbers match so I'm not terribly worried. And I'm gonna have to take that as easy as I can since last Sunday I pulled all my lower abs along with obliques on my right side while I was doing a job. I don't want to re-injure myself for sure.

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  1. Tim Chesson says:

    With Dark Souls finally wrapped up, I’ve turned my attention to The Last of Us Remastered. I’m remembering why I liked the original so much. The exploration, the brutality of the encounters, being able to stealth by some enemies if you choose; so many things I enjoy about it besides the grim apocalyptic story.

    And since my new Corsair keyboard has arrived, I’m wanting to play some more PC games. I’ve picked up Battlefront from Origin, since buying a game once is apparently never enough for me, but I’m not sure if anything else on the computer will catch my time.

    Other than that, I might get into some multiplayer on the X1 on Battlefront, Halo, Rocket League or even Red Dead if any of my friends there have an interest.

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