The site is really slow today WRUP

Wow, our server is having a really bad day, it seems. Anyway:

The latest Ubisoft Collect-A-Thon, Ghost Recon Wildsomething, is now in open beta. Has anyone played it besides me? Because I really want to know if Ubisoft made an actual beta, that is about 30% broken, or if they did todays promotion version of a “beta” and the game will just be broken on release, or if it’s just me and some bad luck. Whatever the case, can’t say I’m very excited about the full title. A bit of Metal Gear Solid, a bit of The Division and a bit of Just Cause sounds like a good mix, but just like Ubisoft’s last open-world title Steep, it just lacks any remnants of a soul. It’s so formulaic, that your average backing recipe looks like Dadaist art in comparison.


But what is everyone else playing over the weekend?


Thomas: I’ll just use this to say what I’ve played over the course of this week from now on. This week: Stellaris with the Star Trek Horizons mod, which is already fantastic despite being in an alpha state. You should have played a normal game of Stellaris before trying it out (lots of missing text still), but it’s a great total conversion for Trekkies, that brings some new mechanics to the base game and already covers the full timeline, from before the creation of the United Federation of Planets, until the end of Voyager and beyond. Also played more Nioh. Something about it motivated me way more than Bloodborne. Probably the fact, that you complete levels, which gives you a more direct progress feedback and the inclusion of a Diablo-like loot system. (yeah, I kinda gave up on 4iF)

Greywolfe: life is strange for 4if.  and apart from that, finishing up another run of primordia while starting in on shadow of mordor [which has an...awkward control setup/too fast combat.] - i'd like to finish off - and i may just go ahead and do it - beneath a steel sky from a few weeks ago in game club.

Scrooloose: More Vermintide and Satellite Reign for me. I also finally started the Darksiders: Warmastered edition and it's been super cool. Hoping to record some game play for the LP channel.

Andrew: More Sky Force. It's taking longer than I anticipated but I'm still totally in love with it so I don't mind in the least.

Cody: More Vermintide when I can. Also Undertale to finish out #4iF. And then more LMMS and Audacity :P