The Gamepocalypse is near. Stock up on your WRUP!

Another week done, still not even close to getting any of the videos from Gamescom out. Screw you CyberLink and your broken software.
Anyway, the season of games is now starting: Metal Gear Solid V, Until Dawn, Madden, Mad Max, and Gears of War are all getting released in the next 14 days. Even some indies throw their weight into the ring.
I still need to finish The Witcher 3…

But what is everyone playing this weekend?

  • Andrew (Twitter): Maybe some Double Dragon Neon and Critter Crunch. (Never played either one but I just picked them up on sale.)
  • Dante: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and South Park The Stick of Truth.
  • Thomas (Twitter): The waiting for Gear VR2 game.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): legend of kyrandia is all wrapped up, so i'm starting a new slightly sleazy adventure in the vein of larry, but in space!  that is:  rex nebular and the cosmic gender bender.  also, i thought blizzard were going into rehash mode with the tavern brawls, so i wasn't expecting the joust at all.  i think that's kind of fun.  as a result of thinking there'd be no more brawls, i started in on inca, a bad/old "movie-like" game.  and larry's nearly ending, so i'll have to replace that soon.  one last lady and then the game's all done.
  • Tisnight (Twitch): Trying to finish pokemon x before my big trip in two weeks so I'll be pushing through that. Also may be playing Rocket league with Dr.s if he has time :O
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Hopefully some more Dota reborn Beta. And if I have time I'll be checking out Wildstar's f2p closed beta 0.o
  • Trey Valeska (@Trey_Valeska): Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Counter Strike: GO.