The Game WRUP

The Game Awards happened.
Now the show itself was hit and miss, no surprise. That one famous YouTube woman (i-Justine or whatever) talked about the amazing Battlefront missions (?!) with a super uninterested Deadmau5 (which was great. Love that guy. Pretty sure he was high all the way through, or maybe he just doesn’t care about Disney IPs ever since they tried to sue him for his logo) and some Disney employee who nobody cares about (and who praised the survival missions of Battlefront).
Psychonauts 2 got announced. The actress from Her Story won an Award for The Witcher 3, even though she didn’t actually had a role in that. Witcher 3 also won GOTY because 3 people in the audience cried “not Fallout 4” and then Geoff Keighley had his moment of glory.

Kojima was invited to the Game Awards, but it looks like he wasn’t done cleaning the toilets at Konami HQ, so they locked him away in solitary and let their lawyers do the talking. Geoff wasn’t amused and as a result read out the letter he received from Kojima’s paren… the company he schrödingers for. Very interesting scene, not only because of the whole Kojima situation, but also because it was very clearly not scripted. Geoff was nervous as fuck, stuttering all the way through and his production team seemingly trying to cut him off with an “ad”-break.
Don’t worry guys, Konami is done with gaming. Worst thing you can expect is another angry letter from their lawyers.

At the end was a short performance from Deadmau5, which started a bit weak, got super trippy halfway through and then just ended. Time constraints, I guess. Vice once had a show about people doing weird stuff while on Acid, somebody really needs to revive that series and attend next year’s Game Awards.

But what is everyone playing over the weekend?


  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): hearthstone:  some league of explorers, but also the tavern brawl.  which is ookkaaay.  it's more blizzard laziness, though.  ALL RANDOM ALL THE TIME!  more world of warcraft raiding for mounts.  plus, i might actually, seriously finish inca this week.  and i believe police quest 3 will finish off this week, too.  no gateway.  there was just too much else to worry about.  also no more okami.  much the same as with gateway, there were too many other distractions lurking about.
  • Scrooloose: Just Cause 3! It has been so much fun exploring and exploding, so I'm going to be in to that mostly. Still playing Fallout 4 since the progression of my particular play through has gotten more interesting. And, Hard West has been very good, such an interesting build to it's story so I'll be giving that some more time as well. It's going to be tough to choose between them all.
  • Thomas (Twitter): No gaming this weekend, probably, because family stuff.
  • Trish (Twitch): Spending the weekend with friends from out of state but picking up mu copy of rainbow six siege
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Putting on my Greywolfe hat to play through an old game that ran on DOS! After Fallout 4 ended on a less than stellar note, I've decided to head back to vault 13 and play through the game that started it all.