Super Weekend WRUP

Well The 2080 Super is out from Nvidia and it sure is a 2080. Every reviewer I've seen talk about it has mentioned around a four to seven percent performance hike for the same price, which is probably worth it if you're coming from a much older GPU. But if you're replacing your 1080ti, don't do it with the 2080 Super.

The water cooling solutions are starting to come around for the new Navi cards as well and that's great because holy butts those things are a hot and loud. Just don't expect to gain much in terms of performance just because you're going to be running cooler. It seems the memory clocks don't really appreciate being raised very high and quickly become unstable leading to some pretty nominal gains. Somewhere in the five percent region. But at least it won't be running at 100c and sound like a small vacuum in your tower.

So what's the plan this weekend?

AJ: Will be picking up Fire Emblem: Three Houses and playing that a good bit. If I‘m not playing that all weekend, then perhaps also some Fallout 4.

Yoda: Warframe. It's truly the only choice.

Greywolfe: don't tell anyone, but i'm going to do an unofficial test stream again tonight.  tried this four years ago and my upstream was abysmal.  but i have a new isp and slightly faster upstream, so who knows!?  i'm going to be letting fate take the wheel for that stream.  going to roll a random dice and download whatever game it tells me to and play that for a little.  apart from that, well, i didn't actually get back to ac:  origins.  i've just been generally bad about the games i've been playing.  :( - no technobabylon, no etherlords 2.  sigh.  and also lol.  :)  hope everyone's gaming is going better than mine :P

Scroo: I'm still moving along in Sekiro and loving every bit of it. Should just be called, Boss Fight: The Game. But I also picked up F1 2019 and it's the first racing game I've played with any interest since Gran Tourismo 3: A-Spec, back on the old PS2. Really enjoying it so far, so many ways to customize it to fit your skill level and so on. Not to mention tons of content. Those will be my choices this weekend.

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