Stuff and Things for WRUP

Don't let that title mislead you. I got nothin'.

It's just been a week of politics and frankly I'm sick of it. I really don't have anything very noteworthy in game news recaps. The Switch version of Darksiders Genesis is out now. It looks okay. Nvidia is doing a PR giveaway of some 2080ti's branded in Cyberpunk 2077 livery. You'll have to tweet and retweet about it mentioning someone else who's excited about Cyberpunk in order to be entered to win. Here's a link that will take you to another website that contains the instructions to do so if you should wish to.


That's about it I think... I'm sure there's more somewhere.

What's everyone playing?

Greywolfe: well, i'm sorta noodling from game to game and haven't settled on anything since beating the messenger. i tried a bunch of games during the week and none of them stuck. so, i dunno. but i'm finishing up eastshade, at least, so the next game after that for #4if is going to be epistory. i've decided to just go in alphabetical order.

AJ: Bayonetta and AssCreed II.

Yoda: Some fair amount of table top gaming this weekend so ill be doing that. Been on quite a Nova kick in Warframe lately and im sure ill squeeze in some more time to make portal. Also Disco Elysium has been so god damn good. And its a great break from fast paced action with just mellow and laid back gameplay that makes you question everything you know about the real world. So more of that too lol

Scroo: Probably just some more Wolcen for me. I'm sick of trying to make ReLive record good audio though so I've downloaded OBS again. I don't like that program much. It's not very easy to use and I have to record at a much higher bit rate to get a decent looking video. But at least this newest version doesn't bogart the CPU like the old ones. In comparison a couple of years ago when I was recording Dark Souls 3 at 30FPS 1080p, OBS would use anywhere from 25% to 40% of my CPU. This new version is using less than 4% CPU. So I can record 60FPS, 1440p. And the audio works. So maybe I'll make some kind of 'normal guy game play' video or something.


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