Stuck in 19xx WRUP

You might think that in the year 2016, western AAA publishers would be aware of basic PC gaming standards. Nope. Mafia 3 only supports 30 FPS at this stage and the outrage is huge. Sure, they are working on a patch that unlocks the FPS, but why that wasn’t included at launch is beyond me and with a mixed rating on Steam, the damage is already done.

In other news, but still set in the year 2016, Comcast apparently is now retroactively giving its users download caps. USA, land of the free.

So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Already played some Endless Space 2 Alpha. Great first step, but so far it’s very light on content. Fine with me. Civ 6 is around the corner. Maybe I’ll try to finish Deus Ex: MD, but after 20 hours, I’m completely losing interest in it.

Cody: Gnna be dipping my toes in Alan Wake for the game club. As well as more Rocksmith and maybe dick around in a few mmos and see which one sticks. I have the itch again lol

Greywolfe: the longest journey, all the time.  also, alan wake.  but mostly just the longest journey.  because, of course it is long.  and a journey.

Tru: Replaying Alan Wake for probably the 10th time (my Game Club Pick), Mafia II, and some more Mark of the Ninja.

Scroo: Alan Wake for Game Club. I might get started on Invisible Inc. As well. It's been a while since I've played a turn based strategy game.