Something Something WRUP

Something something games. Something something news. Something something I’m tired, fuck this.

Something something playing?


Dr. S: need to play some more game dev tycoons for work (mostly to get the screenshots at this stage), so I will play 5 different business sims in 2 days. Is that world record material? Probably not, but still more than is fun.

Cody: Gnna Start working on playing as many games from 2011 as I can afford to see what holds up the best for the Past Due Game Awards!

Scroo: Finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for game club. Started playing Jotun, that's been pretty cool. Maybe more No Man's Sky as well. Depends on how busy this weekend is.

Andrew: Replaying Dead Rising on Steam. It really takes me back. Hard to believe that game is already 10 years old! It was one of the first titles I picked up for the 360 and I played the heck out of it back then.

Greywolfe: gameclub means that i'm playing "brothers."  i also have to work up the courage to get to where i was with "a blind legend," but that save system sucks and i dunno if i'll make it :P - i will [hopefully] also start up my quest for glory 3 hero as well as continuing my adventure in the longest journey.  but mostly...brothers.  lol.

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