Social Distance WRUP #7

Wow, seven weeks in. Or maybe it's eight and I've only been counting since after the first week? Doesn't really matter, it's been a while wince life was the normal we knew. At least we have SnowRunner.

I've not been paying very much attention to game news this week. So here's an update on the current, local COVID sitch. We are no longer at zero cases locally. I haven't seen updated numbers since yesterday but earlier in the week we had one confirmed case. That then spiked to thirteen within two days because of contact tracing and as I understand it there are at least thirty more people potentially involved, so the numbers could rise again. It's amazing how quickly it happened. Just takes a single person to set it off. Hopefully it doesn't spread further and hopefully this one person had a legit reason, a real need to be out and about. And that's entirely possible, I can't count that out. Otherwise a momentary lack in judgment may have some dire consequences. In any case I wish them the best and a speedy recovery. Stay safe out there guys.

Now that I'm thinking on it a little, there was a quick mention of some 2 nanometer silicon in early development for CPU's. Man, can you imagine the cooler you'd need to handle the heat output of transistors that are a staggeringly small eight atoms wide? Kind of unfathomable. Tech Radar has some words about it. Be aware that this is a mobile link so if you're on desktop, I'm sorry...

What are we all playing? I hear you ask.

Greywolfe: ac: origins - i'm now just plowing through the story quests [and side quests as they show up] - all the optional content is done. secret of mana: i'm grinding so i can go to the pure lands. which - i understand - is the last area in the game. so soon, i'll be free of both of these games. just have to keep pressing forward. i WAS going to stream a playthrough of star wars: knights of the old republic, but then it turns out that that's a super old game and it just gave me nothing but trouble while i was streaming it, so...i don't know what i'm going to do, there.

Yoda: Been getting back into Dota lile I do each summer. Also been trekking through Dark Souls remastered and Doom. Will most likely do a fair amount of drumming this weekend as well

AJ: Streets of Rage 4 and maybe some Tomb Raider and/or Injustice 2.

Scroo: A lot more SnowRunner for me. Offroading without actually destroying vehicles, breaking axles, stripping rear ends, or puncturing $4000 tire sets? Yes please.

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