Social Distance WRUP #5

Hey there everyone. Hopefully you're all out there still being responsible and safe.

Somehow here in my hometown and county here in CA we still have zero confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are lots of rumors about how our county isn't testing people at all. Or how the numbers are being hidden or lied about.

Untrue. We're a very rural area and our single, small hospital has no tests. So instead of being tested here, folks are being sent out of town, sometimes an hour or more away to a hospital or other station that does have tests. We have had no local cases confirmed. There is, however, one person here with the virus. This person is an essential worker from out of state and actually got tested in a neighboring county; another rural county that had no place to put this person in order to quarantine them so they were sent here. Contact tracing puts everyone they were in contact with as safe and negatively tested so this person is just here to quarantine and heal up. There are zero county residents that have tested positive. We here locally wish this person a speedy recovery.

Now to me, that should count as a case in the county. But the way it works is that this person actually is a positive case for their home residence in their home state. So nobody is hiding or faking numbers, the system just works that way. This is, by the way, how the system works everywhere. This is why it's still important to be safe and aware because you may be like us, with no cases, but the reporting doesn't count for people who don't live where you do. So keep those masks on and keep washing your hands and keep your personal space.

On to the WRUP

Check out the PlayStation store if you have a PS4. The Nathan Drake collection, That's the Uncharted remasters one through three, and Journey are free until May 5th. Now if you live in a German or Chinese region the Nathan Drake collection is supplanted by Knack 2. I have, in fact, never played the Uncharted series so I'm excited to finally check them out for the low price of no money at all.

Season 2 has started in Doom Eternal and it's pretty funny. You'll be able to unlock a "Hipster" Archvile demon that's wearing skinny jeans and blasting you with fire. The season is free and available until May 14th. I'll probably be checking that out as well.

Crysis is coming back to melt PC's again, this time with Ray Tracing enabled so be prepared for just like -fireballs to start shooting from the rear of your case. Not a week ago there was some new activity on the Crysis Twitter account that just said "Receiving data". That was definitely not meant to get people excited for new Crysis information that conveniently showed up for a short time but was then removed. OOOooops, what a ToTALly UniNteNTiOnaL AnD AcciDentaL LeAK. Hype.

What are you guys playing? JK I don't care. LOL JK I do care! I totally got you guys just now.

Tru: Final Fantasy 7: Remake.... Been playing a lot of it. So far I'm loving it, but the things they are adding seem odd so far. More Animal Crossing as well...

Greywolfe: i'm slowly meandering my way through the ac:  origins main plot, now and diverging whenever the game offers up new side quests as a result of that.  i'm up to doing the arena and i suspect [and hope] that i'll finish that over the weekend - or very near after that.  as for secret of mana, well, it's decided that i need to "find my courage" which, i guess means that i'm going to fight waves of guys?  or it's a mirror match where i fight my own characters?  if that's the case, then whoo boy, i'm probably in trouble, because i'm level 64 or something at this juncture and have a ton of magic points.  all my other-universe halves would have to do is load up on some offensive spells and boom!  i'm toast.  let's hope it's not that, though.

AJ: This month is Zelda month for me, so more Breath of the Wild and perhaps also some Four Swords Adventures.

Scroo: More World War Z I think and still having fun getting back into MudRunner. InnerSpace has also been pretty chill and charming to play with.

Yoda:  Dark Souls and Warframe. Just the way God intended.



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