Social Distance WRUP #4

Less news, more chill.

Hey everyone, it's that guy I am, Scrooloose, and it's another WRUP day. I'm still at home, though I am going to have to venture out a bit today. I'll be careful and safe, don't worry. Where I live is actually one of only five counties in CA to have Zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 so that makes me feel better about taking on some business that just can't wait any longer. In any case, I hope everyone of you out there is staying safe and as unaffected by the pandemic as possible.

I feel like the only bit of news I want to mention as of now is that Stadia will be free for the next couple of months along with nine free games to play for anyone that has a Gmail address. This comes from a Polygon article we saw earlier this week. Check it out here for yourself if you're interested in Stadia... for some reason. I'm not. But hey, free stuff is free right?

Did you guys play Doom Eternal yet? If not, you definitely should. I have been done with it for a little over a week now and it was a hell of an experience. Yes, pun intended. I even went back through and 100%'d all the collectibles and secrets. It wasn't worth doing, there are no in-game rewards for it aside from completing said collections and being able to play the original Doom on your floating castle's PC. But damn I had a great time playing it. I may even write something about it still, who knows...

If you didn't grow up in the same time I did and are curious about the origins of Doom, here's a little history from the Youtubes. Enjoy guys.

What, praytell, are you guys playing this time?

Yoda: Finally picked up the Remaster of Dark Souls to satisfy the recent Fantasy mood I've been in. Trying to use it to get used to the steam controller finally. It's been a mixed experience so far lol At least the game still holds up nearly a decade later

AJ: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and more Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (and maybe also some Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg).

Greywolfe: secret of mana and assassin's creed origins. that's about it. i've almost got map completion for ac: origins and if i understand the stuff i'm reading about secret of mana, i'm almost at the point of no return for that game. i'll be glad to move on from both of them. they're both awfully designed in their own special ways.

Scrooloose: World War Z has been fun with friends and I'm getting back in to MudRunner to prepare for SnowRunner coming out soon.

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