Social Distance WRUP #12

Welcome to the weekend everyone, I hope you're all staying safe still. This time we've got some Bloodborne news and or rumors, the Playmate handheld is getting a Doom port, and a fairly cool RPG from a dead studio a few years back is getting a remaster.

But I'll start by giving some updates and concerns of my own in the continuing situation we're all going through now. Locally we've had zero new cases of COVID reported, this is good news and we're opening back up around here cautiously. A few nearby towns are doing the same, however I keep hearing updates on the local news and numbers aren't really dropping off. All around me counties are reporting from dozens to hundreds of new cases a day, yet businesses are taking the general public again. Vacation rentals are still a no go but my neighbor owns three of them and they've just decided to take bookings; even called it in to the authorities, themselves. Not that it makes it legal. If I called the local sheriff and said, "Hey, just letting you guys know that I'm going out drunk driving this afternoon", I bet they'd probably still put me in jail and take my license. Then of course there are the protests we've all seen and heard. Thousands of people gathering in one place, sometimes unprotected and almost never socially distant. Now look, I know after all these weeks of droning on about this I probably sound a little paranoid. But guys, if we don't do this isolation stuff right the first time we're just going to end up having to start it over. Hospitals are already reporting a doubling of COVID related admissions since protests started. And I don't mean at all to trivialize the message of the protests. Not a bit. But you have to safe about it.

Okay on to the WRUP.

Bloodborne is rumored to be getting a release to PC and PS5 and it's supposed to run at 4k, 60FPS. It is a rumor, don't take this too serious. But it's an exciting possibility for us Souls fans. Here's the blurb from WCCFtech if you want to read more about that.

The funny little yellow handheld game console with a crank, the Playdate, is getting a Doom port because Doom is all encompassing and must be played on all machines of every type forever. Kotaku has a little more here. My own opinion is that of, meh.

Back in 2012, 38 Studios released Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning, a pretty interesting and mostly fun high fantasy RPG. Soon after it's release, 38 Studios went bankrupt and support for the game stopped along with any hope of seeing something new. THQ Nordic picked up where the defunct 38 left off and now have plans to release a remaster this year in August. If I had to guess, I would speculate it's a sort of test of audience interest like Darksiders. If people seem into it maybe we'll get a new iteration. Could be cool. The original game was fairly fun but there was a section of elf forests that just dragged on and on. I still might be interested. Here's the rub from PC Gamer.

What's the plan this weekend?

Yoda: I've discovered the Cosmere and am kind of obsessed with reading atm. So unless I can fully engage with an audiobook while playing games I prolly won't be playing much lolMaybe I'll load up Elite again since they'll have ON Foot exploration shortly now too. And that game can be so passive I can even read physical mediums while playing it lol

AJ: The Last Blade 2 and Sonic Mania.

Greywolfe: sleep. i'm trying to fix my sleep schedule because it got out of whack when i had to deal with a telephone company representative guy. it has been a little more tricky than i'd like. [i've had a couple of false starts with getting myself back into a proper routine already.]

Scroo: Still pretty much living in SnowRunner. New content coming in a few days so I'm sure I'll continue the trend.

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