Social Distance WRUP #11

Sorry, been busy, Quick one today.


Hey everyone, hope you're all continuing to stay safe and sane out there as public places are beginning to open back around us. Soon-ish the local barber shops should open up again around here and I can get my first haircut since January. Man, I'm scruffy. No real news to report on local COVID stuff around here. I'm just hoping things reopen smoothly and cautiously.

Okay on to the WRUP

Space X launched two astronauts into orbit today in a pretty spectacular showing. Pretty exciting to watch the first launch on US soil in over a decade if I'm honest. Now it'll be another day before they dock with the ISS and a minimum of a month in space or up to 100 days. Pretty amazing test flight if you ask me. Boeing and Blue Origin are still planing their own launches and maybe this actually does mark a real beginning in a privatized space flight.

Sucker Punch has reported that in Ghost of Tsushima, the player's ride is invincible. This a great news for me. I do not like the level of realism that some games take in mount and various other animal vulnerability. Your horse will not die in Ghost of Tsushima. Here's more info on that matter.

I don't use Chrome but if you do, maybe it's time to rethink that decision. Looks like some pretty serious security stuff is going on up in there. This article from Forbes explains more.

Finally today: There's a Borderlands movie in the works and for some time now Cate Blanchett has been rumored to be involved. Well, that's been confirmed according to PC Gamer and I hate it. First off, video game to film adaptations are almost never good. Secondly, Cate Blanchett, is far above being a character in a Borderlands movie. Thirdly, She's supposed to play Lilith. I just don't know. I'm not excited for this movie, I'm already counting on it being as awful as Assassain's Creed WTF ever it was called. Here's the article.

What are you guys playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: well, i'm still basically just streaming my time at portia and playing a little bit of magic: the gathering. so, my gaming life is a little slow at the moment. in portia, i'm essentially just grinding up money so i can make a good workshop that'll see me through the rest of the game, then i'll take the quests that come and pile through them.

Yoda: Been in a Mountain Bike mood as of late, if I do play games it'll prolly be some Thronebreaker or Evil Within 2

AJ: Forza 5 and Minecraft Dungeons. Possibly also Xenoblade Chronicles, if I decide/am able to pick it up.

Tru: I just picked up Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. It's a JRPG I wanted to always play back on the Wii U, but since I didn't have one, the remaster on Switch gives me a chance. More Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Maybe some Warframe but my squad is MIA so motivation for that is low. If I get the chance I may play some Lego Harry Potter too.

Scrooloose: Same SnowRunning for me. I had another side by side video in the works but GPU drivers have broken recording in a huge way so I may just spend all my time trying to figure that out.

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