Shit, it’s already saturday wrup

Oh shit, it’s already Saturday… So here’s the WRUP

Thomas: Final Fantasy 12, maybe some PS VR stuff, since the heat finally died down.

Scroo: I really want to finish my new game plus run in The Surge, it's been tough to allocate time in between ranching slimes and stemming an endless tide of vermin. I've picked up Hellblade as well and that's going to be --consuming. I've stayed away from other reviews and videos of the game on purpose and I'm glad that I have. I plan on having a sort of first impression video for LP channel soon. I've resinstalled No Man's Sky in hopes of checking out the Atlas Rises update. And hopefully I'll play some Rocket League with friends should I find a free moment between working and the normal weekend chores.

AJ: This week I became a certified Sonic Maniac, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Cody: Oh it's gonna be Dota, and Rocksmith so I can play sad songs to keep me in place if I somehow do well in a pub match.

Grey: I think i'm just about at the end of everything that had been going for the last while [well, sort of], so:  bye quest for glory 3!  bye, first bit of etherlords 2!  bye, child of light!  bye, a mind forever voyaging!  i knew ye all well!  i have no idea of what i'm going to play next.  thinking about taking a stab at stories:  path of destinies and doing another run of the microprose version of the magic:  the gathering game.  but am not sure.  [projared is playing it right now and it's made me want to play it, too.]