Saturday Morning WRUP

Hola, short WRUP coming in:

Imagine PS1 games would get released on the PS4, would you want them upscaled to 1080p, original quality, with a fake CRT filter, or…?

What’s everyone playing over the weekend?

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): i've given up on magic:  the gathering.  the new patch just went too far and knew too much and those are his lines and it's broken.  good lord.  hearthstone dailies!  king's quest 6 is now moving at a fair clip!  i might finish gateway this week [optimism for great justice!] and i'm messing around in the civilization stage in spore.  the wow project fell over this week, because my internet was being abysmal.
  • Scrooloose: Dark Souls 3 has a firm grip on me, but I'll probably jump in for more Marvel Heroes as well. The Doom open beta is this weekend too, and I'm torn on deciding to play it or not. I want to pretty badly, but I also want it to be a new experience when it's released... What to do... Probably just play more Dark Souls :D
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Welp. I've installed Overwatch, Doom, and BattleBorn. Hopefully I get a chance to try out all three lol
  • John: Sunset Overdrive
  • Thomas (Twitter): Ich hab nen Job, trotzdem Langeweile. Hät’ Bock auf Kiffen, Saufen, Feiern. So ist das hier, yap. Tag ein, Tag aus, halt mir zwei Finger an den Kopf und mach peng peng peng
  • Andrew (12/12 Games): Possibly Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, probably more Skyrim.
  • Dante: I've been playing One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 and Infamous First Light. That's what I'll play this weekend.