Well, we keep going from one sale to another. If it isn't the GOG winter sale or the Steam Christmas sale, then it's the Humble store sale. And I'm trying to avoid that particular sale because it's singing the siren song of Dark Souls.

And while I want to play Dark Souls, it'll open up the floodgates to terrible DRM. And we wouldn't want that :P

So, if you're participating in any of the sales going on [there's also a PSN store sale, I'm told] - why don't you tell us what you're playing or planning to play once you've done shopping?

This is what the Twinstiq crew are up to:

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube):  space quest 4!  did a little more levelling in wow, but am going to flip over to gateway + chronology this week.  chronology is winding down, sadly, so i'm going to have to find something to replace it with.  i was playing bastion, but that's slowed down and i really should pick it up again.
  • Scrooloose5150:  Well I'm Still finishing up Hard West, highly recommended by the way. Also started Borderlands Pre Sequel, so I'll finally get to see how that goes. Honestly I'm about 4 hours in and I'm not quite seeing any justification for the hate people had for that particular title. That'll probably be it for this weekend.
  • Yoda0vgs (Twitter):  Still leaning on Dirty Bomb as my comfort game. Aside from that I've been fixing up my gamecube trying to get it to run to see if some childhood games hold up :simple_smile:
  • Dante:  I'll focus on Disgaea 5 and Far Cry 4 this weekend. I need to stop playing Rocket League so I can get somewhere in the other games I'd been playing.