Ranty WRUP: No News Edition

Well. I'm sick. Not terribly sick, not with COVID. I have a stupid cold and it sucks. I had to cancel work yesterday and I may have to do the same today out of caution. Even though it's not COVID I don't want to bring some sickness to anyone else. No matter how minor. So I figured I'd come drop this WRUP off before I start making calls.


Locally COVID is still going on. We're up to 46 cases here. Which I mean, thankfully it's not more but this is a small town, (less than 2000 people) it doesn't take much. Recently my folks were exposed so they had to isolate. Thankfully their tests turned out negative and they can breathe easy.

I'm gonna rant about things for a couple minutes. If you'd like to avoid that then feel free to skip to the bottom.

CA case numbers are rising at a staggering pace and it's ridiculous. Of course they're rising. We have people who opened up their vacation rentals illegally. People who by the way, have received no punishment for doing so. We have people who still for some boggling reason think that we all just need to get the virus and let it thin out the weak. We have people who believe that it doesn't matter because as long as one takes personal responsibility then there's no risk and it'll be fine. Because that's how viruses work right? And then there are those who think that COVID is a hoax... yes even here in hippy-ass California. So because people and business owners have been pushing to get to back to work because -the economy- or because it's all fake or because 'it doesn't matter, my immune system is fine' or simply because they're sick of waiting around at home and decided throw an effing beach party, tons of people are now getting sick again. That means the state is shutting down, again. Something I mentioned would probably happen weeks ago. And yes, I know numbers were always going to rise once businesses opened up. Simple statistics would tell you that once you get enough people in the same place the risk rises. But the economy excuse is getting awfully hard to swallow. Economies can be rebuilt, we've done it before. But we can't do it if we're god damn dead.

The problem is that even though all these businesses have to stop operations the bill collectors don't. Banks still want loan payments, insurance companies still want their premiums, mobile carriers still have to have that hundred plus dollar payment for access to cell towers, landlords still want rent paid on time and nobody can afford it. How does it make sense for bills to keep piling up when barely anyone can work to earn the money to pay them? Why can't there just be a deferment of ALL bills until the crisis is over? 'Oh that's crazy' -No it's not. Give people and businesses the time they need, stress free, to be able to close up shop and isolate and not have to choose between feeding their families or potentially transmitting a deadly virus that could easily kill their family instead because the bills are due and they have no choice but to go to work even if they're sick. I'm not suggesting a free ride. It's not forever. Things can resume as normal when things are back to effing normal. That two months you didn't pay bills are now tacked onto the end of the loan. It's a deferment not a cancellation. You'll still get your money it'll just be when people can actually give it to you. Weird right?

But of course that'll never happen because good luck trying to convince giant corporations that they don't need to bring in billions of dollars this month because the entire world is sick and dying. Even the companies now who claim to be paying close attention and easing up payments to make things easier for their valued clientele are full of crap. My auto insurance lowered my monthly bill by a whole $20.00 last month. Thank god, that will surely save me from financial ruin. Doesn't matter that I still had to give them $100.00+ or no longer be able to drive my vehicle legally in this state. They're helping. Mobile carriers giving unlimited calling during this time of hardship? Sure, I guess some people probably still don't have unlimited calling already on their plans as normal.

And now we want to open schools back up to normal class sizes with social distancing? Yeah I'm sure that's gonna work out just fine. Just tell little Sarah that she can't get closer than six feet to Emma and I'm sure they will adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines of social distance. They probably won't even wipe their noses on their hands then touch the same toys and pass them around the class or anything. We'll put some tape on the floor in a six foot square, that'll stop 'em. But hey you know what? It's no wonder schools are fighting to reopen because Betsy DeVos, in her infinite wisdom is refusing to re-up school budgets because if they're not open then why the hell should be getting money for supplies and payroll? How about because they're already drastically underfunded as it is, Betsy? They're going to open again when it's safe to do so. Probably before that to the detriment of the health of general populace. What's the problem with letting schools build up a little money to buy stuff like, I dunno, text books that aren't from 1990?

Alright I'm done ranting. Let's see what we're all playing

AJ: Paper Mario: Origami King. I also just downloaded some new dlc for Cadence of Hyrule, so likely that as well.

Tru: Ghost of Tsushima... Man I am LOVING that game. It's just... So good. Maybe try out some Paper Mario: Origami King... But my family and I are moving next week so probably not a lot of time to play games.

Greywolfe: oh my god. i forgot to wrup. i'm just magic'ing. and putting stuff on the new machine.

Yoda: Death Stranding, sooo hooked on that right now. It's easily my favorite walking simulator to date :P

Scroo: Keeping on with Lake Kovd in SnowRunner. So far the most challenging and perhaps the most satisfying set of contracts. More Deep Rock Galactic of course cos it's fantastic. And I'm still going in Metro Exodus.

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