Post Wrup 3

Did everyone get through E3 alive? If so, tell us about your personal highlights. Who “won”? Who “lost”? Is PS VR epic, or is it just great? So many important questions…

But the most important of all: What are you playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Won’t have much time, but I’ll try to get a couple of hours into either Ni No Kuni or Life is Strange.

Grey: some quest for glory 3!  and the tail end of costume quest.  costume quest has been pretty fun.  i'm not sure i'll step right into the dlc, but if you haven't played it and you want a very "my-first-rpg" game to kill some time with that has a theme we don't see very often [we see a fair bit of horror, but it's always blood and gore and unfun.  this is basically a great "let's pretend" take on halloween.]  i'll try more sm3dw, but it's been a week since i touched it, so maybe not?  i'm not sure what to pick up after costume quest.  and i still have to do some a mind forever voyaging.  just got to screw up my courage and deal with the map :P

Scroo: Again not much for me. Probably just more Vermintide, I think I've one more video to make before I have one for every map. Then it's just uploads until they're all on the LP channel. Company starting this weekend until next weekend so gaming is sort of a side.

Cody: Replica and Stellaris!!

AJ: The King of Fighters XIV


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    Started out Friday night with some GTA Online, but my friends weren’t on so I switched to ESO Morrowind with some other friends and wound up having a blast. Maybe that game is finally clicking for me? And Saturday I finally wrapped up the story line for Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. If you want more Black Flag in your life, Rogue is for you.

    Sunday just might see me finally begin Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’ve been itching to fire it up but knew if I did, AC Rogue would never get completed.

    I also might hop back in to Doom 2016; I’ve developed an itch to give that another run through.

    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      Always room for more Doom in one’s life, what a great game it turned out to be. I wish I could record it but I was only successful one time and never again. OBS won’t work, Fraps didn’t work, ReLive still doesn’t work and I just gave up.
      Keeping in the theme of old school shooters, I’ve really been wanting to get Strafe and feel some of that that 90’s style software rendered badassery.

  2. brokedownsystem says:

    played a little Wolfenstein: the New Order either last Thursday or Friday. I must be getting old. I became slightly nauseous, and spent the better part of the weekend with a nasty eyestrain headache. It likely has to do with either the interior corridors that cause this (as they did with the Rise of the Triad on PC so long ago), or perhaps not enough lighting in the living room at night (still an issue not easily solved).

    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      I didn’t get any kind of motion sickness from Wolfenstein : N.O. myself, but I did notice that it was not very well optimized. Framerate was super inconsistent and even with VSYNC on I saw a lot of horizontal tearing. Which are both things my video card is supposed to compensate for and generally does. So I have a feeling it’s not about getting old and rather has more to do with just some visual defects in the play.

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