Path To WRUP-Grades and Mail In Ballots

Hey everyone, good morning from my seat here while I sip coffee with a look of derision aimed at 505 Games. Let's talk a little about that free-not-free upgrade for Control that's taking place very soon. And take a quick look at the postal service removing mailboxes from streets.


With the coming release of XBox Series X, or XBSeX, as I'm sure it'll be called (no worse than XBone), folks who have games that will also be released on the next gen console generally get free upgrades to the next gen version of those games. This isn't quite the attitude 505 Games has in mind for Control. See, if you have an original version of Control that will not be upgraded to a next gen version. You'll have to purchase the Control Ultimate Edition in order to get that free upgrade. The issue there isn't just that you'll have to have potentially bought it twice to get the free upgrade, it's that the original version, the one without all the extra DLC etc, that one is still $59.99. The upcoming ultimate edition will have all the extras and be sold for $39.99.

Pretty messed up, right? I mean I never played Control, I don't own a copy. So if I was planning to get an XBSeX to play Control on I would definitely wait for the ultimate edition to launch in September and spend less money once. That would technically be a free upgrade path and not such a huge deal. But I'm not planning on getting a XBSeX and I'm not sure I care if I ever play Control, so *phew* that's a load off my mind. Doesn't mean it's okay though. I'm hopeful folks will remain obstinate and not purchase a second copy just to be upgraded to a next gen version. That's not very free and or worth it.

In other news, the USPS has been busy removing those big blue street corner mailboxes. That's probably not being done to make your mail in ballot more difficult to drop off. On top of that they have issued a warning that they may not be able to deliver your mail in ballot on time sue to some new restrictions that definitely weren't put in place to discourage people from voting by mail. Election rules, is a better term I guess, but regardless there's a risk that if you vote absentee this November your ballot may end not being counted because it'll be late. If you vote early you should be fine, but please do that. If you wait closer to deadline time you're taking a big risk.

Of Course our current President, if you wanna call him that, has said repeatedly that mail in voting is fraudulent and this election will be rigged if it's allowed and... wahh cry me a river you Presidentially incompetent, lying asshole. You whine and piss and moan about mail in voting while you and your immediate family request absentee ballots.

Mail in voting is fraudulent, except when he does it. Control is free on XBSeX as long as you buy it first. Double standards and doubling down on lies seems to be the way it's done now I guess.

Anyway, What Are We All Playing?

Greywolfe: I'm a little bit more than a third of the way through rayman: origins. i still don't absolutely like it's control scheme, but a lot of it's audio/visual cues are a great deal of fun and it has a lot of charm to it - even if there's very little real substance. apart from that, i'm just magic'ing. and waiting, patiently, for horizon: zero dawn to get some kind of patch to fix it's problems so i can try it out.

Scroo: Playing Horizon Zero Dawn for the PC and I like the crap out of it. Still as beautiful and fun as ever. Performance isn't perfect by any means but I see very few stutters and I feel like with variable sync it at least feels like it runs perfectly. Worth it in my opinion. Also still playing Deep Rock Galactic and having a great time there.

AJ: Super Punch-Out and still more Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Yoda: Guys Dota is an Addicting game. Good thing too. Other games haven't really held my attention that well after Beating Death Stranding. None of them really compare right now :(But Dota is always Dota and I've been playing a lot of a new hero that suits my playstyle far too well.

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