On short WRUP

I’m in a bit of a hurry, so let’s get this over quick:

Oculus is expensive, Sony VR might be too, CES is going on and nobody gives a shit… yep, I think that’s it.

So what is everyone playing over the weekend?

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): i started space quest 4, last week.  pretty excited to get into that.  i also picked up my world of warcraft character and he's going places and doing things again.  i'll be starting up a second playthrough of chronology soon, alongside actually getting into gateway, properly.  apart from that?  i'm sort of winding my way through prince of persia:  sands of time real slowly.  that and hearthstone dailies so i can open packs so i can get classic all finished up.
  • Scrooloose: More Darksiders 2 Dethinitive, started new game plus a day or so back and it's still awesome. I want to get back in to Hard West some more, I took a break from it to play Just Cause 3 and now that it's been done for a while I can go back.  Probably some Lethal League with Yoda here and there. Kind of playing the next title by ear, I have The Evil Within newly installed and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel as well even though I've heard little good about it. I'll just have to see what strikes me.
  • Thomas (Twitter): A buddy of mine gifted me a copy of Dying Light for Christmas, so I’ll probably be checking that out. Also gotten into The Crew finally. It’s a bit shit, but also fun on some level. So many design flaws, makes you really wonder how Ubisoft develops games, but at the same time it does feel a bit like golden age Need for Speed, which is a good thing. Great, now I’m reminded of NFS: Porsche and the fact we’ll never see a game like that again. Might just have to reinstall that on my PC. It ran on Windows 7, so it probably does on 10 too.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Looking to get some more time into Dirty Bomb to possibly write up a Check this out kinda article since its still in Beta. More Kerbal Space Program for when only high ping matches are available and maybe some Lethal League.
  • Trish: Ive power leveled my druid and will now spend the rest of the weekend gearing it out. Picked up RWBY during the Christmas sale and have been messing around with that. Also the next mini-expac for don't starve is in early access and picked that up as well.
  • Dante: Disgaea 5, Farcry 4, Team Fortress 2 and Hearthstone 1. Damn, I missed something with 3... Maybe Half-life...