Now to the WRUP

Well I've been putting together a parts list for a new PC build and it seems like I can do it for a lot less than I was figuring I'd have to spend. I won't need a new GPU right away because I won't be getting a new monitor right away for higher resolution. So that will save some money up front. I've also got the hard drives I need already so I don't need to buy those. But I'm going to need a new case, CPU, motherboard, PSU, and RAM. After that, I can work toward a GPU and monitor separately to make the whole project more affordable.

I can't do it right away because I need the work to come along so I can justify the spending. And actually that's alright because with all the new hardware releases coming up there are likely to be some price drops across the board. But my system is pretty much at the end of it's life and it's time to start the process of modernizing.

This time I have to do some better research though because when I bought my current setup, which was an upgrade from a previous build, the info I saw stated that I could continue upgrading well into the future. But that was entirely wrong and my CPU is now going on seven year old architecture that wasn't really great to begin with, on a slot type with zero forward compatibility. A much better IPC will be a welcome adjustment when I finally get to do what I want. Hopefully that will mean, among many things, no more rendering 20 minute videos for two hours.

I imagine there's some gaming going this weekend?

Greywolfe: yono and the celestial elephants is basically done. i think i'm going to put rime into it's place, but a buddy and i were talking a little about another world/out of this world a little and i kind of have a hankering for that. but it's such an absurdly difficult game, i'm not sure how long that hankering will last. with yono gone, i'm also going to pick up book of unwritten tales again, so i can finish it. apart from that, though? more quest for glory 4. still just discovering the main town, but that's fine with me.

Dr. S: I've been sick, which was timed spent playing Spider-Man and watching work pile up. Now that I'm starting to feel better, it's time to …play more games and watching the pile growing even taller. Probably some Monster Hunter or…nah, I should really get some work done since Red Dead Redemption 2 is just around the corner -.-

Yoda: Elex is my new jam. But that Tomb Raider game looks nice too….

Scroo: Still more Monster Hunter World for me. I'm trying to pack on work so I'm not sure what else, if anything, I'll be playing. But I agree, the latest Tomb Raider looks pretty good.

Tru: Spider-Man and Witcher 3 on my BRAND NEW Spider-Man PS4 Pro, W00t W00t!

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