No Man’s Wrup

Holy shit, I completely forgot that it’s Friday and I should post the WRUP. Well, No Man’s Sky is out on PC, I love it so far, but be warned: a lot of people currently experience strong performance issues, on both Platforms. PS4 doesn’t seem to be able to catch up with the terrain algorithm if you fly at max speed and the PC seems to be suffering from bad performance overall. My copy runs fine, but apparently I’m an exception in this case. Anyway, I’m back off to space, you guys tell me what you are playing over the weekend. Deal?


Thomas: It was a tough choice. I wasn’t sure if I’d really enjoy No Man’s Sky that much and got offered review code for F1 2016 (which I’m looking forward to more than Deus Ex. I know… blasphemy). Decided against it. Right decision. Just want to get back to playing it. Oh and that new Hearthstone Adventure. Go play that. The Chess Fight is amazing.

Geywolfe: what is this quest for glory 3 thing that i haven't touched in a month?  i guess i won't touch that some more.  :P - plus, more the longest journey!  less "a blind legend!"  [no a blind legend.  lol.  i need to pick that up again and finish it off, but i lost all my save games because the cloud doesn't actually exist.] - also, "papers, please" for the game club.

Scroo: Yeah I'll be playing Papers Please for Game Club as well. I did pick up Song of the Deep and it's been really nice to jump into so I'll be continuing with that pretty happily. And the elephant in the room full of PC's: No Man's Sky will certainly get my attention this weekend. I try not to pay attention to many critical reviews but it's been hard to ignore the huge range of people's taste in NMS. Like it, love, it's ok, wait for a sale, NMS is a broken waste of money... they seem to run the gamut. Soon I'll judge for myself.

Tru: Like the others I too played Papers Please for Game Club. Besides that I am still, trying, to play Marvel Heroes but this is my first time playing a game like that so I find it tough at times. I've almost finished Assassin's Creed Syndicate and have been *adoring* it as I think it is, hands down, the best in the series. I'm waiting for No Man's Sky to drop on PC (as I decided to get it for PC and not PS4) and my friend gifted me with the first two Witcher games and I plan to start the first one thise week sometime.

Andrew: Wave Race 64 and maybe a little Red Dead Redemption.

Cody: Been interesting to be replaying Papers, Please once again and still get new endings :) This weekend I'll most likely start on Hammer Fight after the Game Club meet on Sunday. And I'm still really loving This is The Police.  But the biggest deal this weekend is going to be Watching a bunch of pro Dota players duel it out Over an $8 Million Dollar Grand Prize within a $20 Mill Prize Pool at this years TI6.


  1. brokedownsystem says:

    Currently binging Stranger Things…love it. Not sure if I’ll be able to squeeze in any time for NMS. To be honest, I’m not sure when I’ll even get the spacecraft off the ground at this rate, since survival resource mining has never been my thing, especially when it involves constantly depleting meters.

  2. Tim Chesson says:

    Ever since I got off work Friday evening it’s been as much No Man’s Sky as possible. I’m absolutely enjoying the mix of exploration with survival in space. My son loves the fact that I’ve let him have the PS4 and Destiny completely uninterrupted.

    I -might- get into some Destiny myself later this evening or tomorrow, but right now I’m completely hooked on NMS.

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