Nine Out of Ten Doctors Say, It’s A WRUP

Well I don't know about where you guys are but out here it's been about as hot as whatever heat related metaphor you'd like to use. And let me tell you it's been kind of miserable to work in when just about 10 days ago it was cool and rainy. Just not really ready for the heat yet I think. But hey, I have friends with pools and beer and that's great.

Looks like AMD is going core crazy again with the announcement of a 64 core, 128 thread version of Threadripper. Not to mention the new Ryzen gen 3 stuff coming out soon. I'm curious about seeing the performance numbers come July. Then again in August when the 16 core Ryzen is scheduled for release. Of course we're already seeing lots of "leaked" numbers but I feel like take those with a grain or two of salt since I'm sure a lot of that data is at least a little cherry-picked. Then there's Navi. Affordable competitors to RTX2060 and 2070. No Ray tracing but you may as well not use ray tracing on the 2060 and 2070 either. We can reasonably speculate that AMD ray tracing is coming at some point though because the next gen consoles all use AMD parts and they all claim to use ray tracing. I would guess in the next two to maybe three years we'll start seeing that particular area in rendering mature and become more and more useful. I'm still of the opinion that ray tracing isn't really worth using at this point. Still really interesting tech though, I'll give it that.

So what's the plan this weekend?

Greywolfe: well, i'm doing what i usually do in open world games with assassin's creed: origins, which is to slowly work my way through the whole map, basically ignoring the main quest until everything's done. this is turning out to be ridiculous, because of the empty ubisoft design: there's lots of stuff to "do," but all of it is the same thing over and over again. i'm still in it for the ambiance of the game, but the game itself is about as i expect, a whole lot of nothing. as for the other games, i worked through an awful battle in etherlords 2 and i'm now at about the midway point with beneath a steel sky. baas continues to be a pleasure - even if that's a little hit and miss with some of it's adventure game puzzles.

AJ: Contra Anniversary Collection and Cadence of Hyrule. Probably also some Sonic Mania.

Scroo: I've been messing with Enter the Gungeon since it's the Epic freebie. I also reinstalled Rime and am really enjoying that, though I get the feeling something terribly sad is going to happen at any moment. Beyond that, I'm still enjoying Grim Dawn again since I've been playing with friends and making new characters. I might pick up a new, bigger title to play this weekend as well. Fade to Silence is something that has be intrigued and so does A Plague Tale. But I still haven't played Sekiro and I really wanna check that out too. Some decent offerings out there.

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