Nimble WRUP

So Palmer Luckey is funding a pro-Trump group. I wonder what that will do to the sales of the Rift and his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg.  The Facebook CEO is not exactly known to be a fan of Trump and Oculus is still struggling hard to reach an audience. Then again, Palmer was only in it for the “jolly good time.”
“Yo, I’m fighting the establishment! How? By spending millions on someone who is clearly part of the establishment. Am I part of the establishment? Yes, so what? You can only fight the establishment by having the support of the establishment. Don’t you idiots understand that?”
Gotta love this guy.

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?

Greywolfe: to the moon [for game club!] - and really i should be setting up other things, but i'm ignoring all of them.  so, quest for glory 3 is still delayed, a blind legend is still delayed, the longest journey is still delayed and that's about it.  going to finish to the moon and will try to pick up one of those other things again :)

Scroo: Finishing To the Moon for Game club. Pretty low ambition for this weekend so I have no idea what else is going down. Probably some Jotun if anything.

Tru: To The Moon (Game Club), Saints Row IV, Subnautica, Castile of Illusion... Haven't put in much time, mind you, as my life is very busy.

Cody: Driving around the fiancé simulator 2016!

Andrew: I'll probably be wrapping up Dead Rising. While I'd forgotten about a few of the minor frustrations with this game, overall it has been a joy to replay.

Thomas: Maybe some Star Trek: Bridge Crew