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The entire state of CA is under a heavy layer of smoke. It's like fog here because of the Creek Fire, which is now nearing 190,000 acres; but it's slowing. The valleys are blanketed from various complex fires that are now over 400,000 acres each and it's not just CA. We're getting smoke from Oregon as well.

The Bridge over Lake Oroville. Sent by Yoda0vgs.

Yoda sent a picture from close where he lives and it's downright apocalyptic. This is the bridge over Lake Oroville as sent by Yoda. We all hope everyone affected by these fires are as safe as they can be.

On the Road Back Home After Some Business in Town. In a Normal View There's a Mountain Ahead.

I don't have any photos of the local creek fire but I did stop in the middle of the road yesterday and take one of the fog-like smoke. Forgive the filthiness of my truck dash and windshield. Also, don't stop in the middle of the road to take a photo, that was exceedingly dumb and I never should have. Just know that there was zero traffic and even though it was unsafe to do, it took a matter of seconds and I don't make a habit of that kind of thing.









So What Are We Playing This Weekend?

AJ: Tony Hawk 1 + 2 and Spider-Man.

Tru: Might livestream Borderlands 3 with a friend today. Beyond that I've been thinking hard about picking up Marvel's Avengers on PS4. But I'm still on the fence about that. With the looming on PS5 coming I'm not sure I want to buy any more PS4 games. I also have a backlog of games on PC to finish (More Division 2, Warframe, Vampyr, etc.). Honestly my motivation for gaming is low with being a teacher and Distance Learning cause of the pandemic. I'm in front of the screen all day so I kinda just wanna veg out and read a book or watch something chill.

Scroo: Ive been enjoying Kingdom Come: Deliverance quite a lot, but there's also a new Snowrunner update that I'm very interested in getting in to. Also still playing Remnant: From the Ashes with my friend Nik. It's a somewhat shallow RPG but every play through is a little different. Bosses change, some enemies change, level design is different and you'll find different loot than previously.

Yoda: Gonna hop back into Horizon and see if the new update got it running a bit better. Also, Dota

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