More Fires WRUP

It seems like not a month goes by where we here in CA, haven't seen a major wild fire lately. I'm sure by now you've heard of the Camp Fire, in Paradise. This thing exploded, pretty literally, and in about a day and half has already reached a staggering 55,000 acres plus. By comparison, the Ferguson Fire, in my neck of the state took about a month to reach around 88,000 acres. Pretty insane.

(Quick Update for 11-10) Camp Fire is now over 90,000 acres and at least nine people have lost their lives. The good news is that fire crews have made a big leap in containment and brought that number up to 20%. Keep it up guys.

Yoda and Tru, both live pretty close to the danger and certainly we're all hoping that things will be okay for them. But as for the nearly 30,000 people who have been evacuated and/or lost everything... We're pulling for you. Stay strong out there.

Below is a screenshot of the most recent map we've got so far of the Camp Fire.

This is of course all not to mention the quickly spreading Woolsey, and Hill, Fires around the Thousand Oaks area in southern CA, threatening even more people and compounding what's already been a deeply terrible week for them. The fires there are spreading south towards the Malibu coast, being fed by wind gusts and the ever dry brush and vegetation caused largely because of the drought that's been impacting CA, for years now.

Again, stay strong. We're thinking of you all.

On a Lighter Note: What's Everyone Playing This Weekend?

Greywolfe: well, i tried rime. and i looked into shroud of the avatar. shroud's gone free to play and i wanted to see what richard garriott is up to these days. i would have been fine with the game, but it - if you don't do all the quests in an area - will just wipe them away if you move the story too far. boo to that. so, really, what i'm playing is more quest for glory 4 and some ghost of a tale.

Scroo: Definitely more GRIP for me. It's not made by the same folks who did Rollcage, but it's definitely a successor to the action racer and is loads of fun. Also more Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and recently Nik and I are getting back into Grim Dawn. What with all the Diablo news we felt it prudent to throw down some ARPG action that isn't based on whether we have phones or not. Plus, Crate is working on a new DLC expac focusing on a desert region in the game. It's ways off yet I'm sure, but it's exciting none the less.

AJ: More Red Dead II. I don’t think I’ll stop until I’ve seen it through to the end. (I may take the occasional break for some SoulCalibur VI though.)

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