It was the WRUP before Christmas

And I was still playing Saint's Row 3.

And I have grown to seriously not like the hostage diversion.

I'd been messing around with stealing cars, because you have to do that to get through the big list of stuff that entails a "perfect game."  and along the way, i'd taken twenty hostages.  these were all mostly innocent bystanders.  i just wanted the cars, you see, so i could rack up the requisite number [150] for the achievement.

But then I had to sit down and actually slog through getting hostages.

And that's super tedious.  Allow me to explain:

To take a car, you go up to the car and you hit a button.  Not a problem.  If there's a bonus person in the car, you can take them as a hostage.  But not everyone's on board with being a hostage, so while the car is being stolen, they will typically tumble out before the hostage notification can be posted.  OK.  Fine.  There's a faster way of stealing a car where you can run along the tarmac and "jump" into the car from a distance.  Only this will SOMETIMES eject everyone else out the car.  Did it have two people in it [a driver and a potential hostage?]  Well, great, now they're on the floor spazzing out.

The game also randomizes cars and how many people are in them.  See a car that - one time - had a driver and two hostages?  The next time, it might only have a driver.

It's tedious.  And you have to get 50 [!] of these.  No wonder I've been leaving these for last [well, these and the backbreakingly stupid Heli-Assault missions.]

So.  Gentle Reader.  In the pursuit of a "perfect game" what achievements and/or actions have you had to perform that you ended up disliking?

And with that, let's find out what the rest of the Twinstiq crew are playing:

Scrooloose:  So yeah, Grim Dawn, then Christmas, then Grim Dawn.

Trulegendkiller:  The Last Guardian, more Gears of War 4, and some Halo: Master Chief Collection. Also might try out Lost Odyssey, as it was free on Xbox One for Gold Members and I always wanted to play it.

Dr. Strangethumb:  harvest moon on the gameboy color. oh, the memories. Underwhelming game and i never managed to finish it. The cartridge featured a built-in battery which handled the save files. Once that was dead, your avatar was destined to die each time you turned off your Gameboy. Now that i think about it, thats an interesting starting point for some BS article I could write.  [editor's note:  it's the first time we've had a wrup from you in ages!  yay!]

Yoda:  Board games for Christmas time!! Seriously it's the weekend. Its the holidays play games!! It's what ima do!

greywolfe (twitter, youtube): ding dong.  most of the saint's row 3 big list is dead.  i have more heli strikes [which i completely dread] and then i can head back into the story so i can get the last few saintsbook things to show up.  i'm SO close to the end of the game at this point i can smell it.  torin's passage is about half way now.  i'm at the third land and nearly done with it, so hopefully that'll end soon-ish so i can try for one last sierra game in december.    i still [!] haven't finished beneath a steel sky, so i think that'll be next on the pile to wind through.  otherwise?  i'm playing "the christmas game."  which involves hanging out with my family.