It Seems We Forgot To WRUP

So Friday night around 10:45 pm I walked out of the theater after watching Star Wars TLJ and took my phone off airplane mode. Promptly it said *Bling* and there was a team message from Dr. S saying that he had forgotten to make a WRUP. I decided that I'd go ahead and get one made up when I got home even though it was going to be quite late. Anyway, after a bit of adventure having to break into my friend's car when we realized he only brought the ignition key and left the one to operate locks behind -an hour away, we finally made it back to his place where I had parked and had another 40 minutes on the road back to my place. No surprise then that by the time I got home at around 1:00 am the WRUP had faded from my mind.

I don't have an excuse for Saturday or Sunday though... Star Wars was pretty good...

Don't listen to our podcast about it if you haven't seen the movie though since we spoil the living green milk out of it.

Annnnnyywhoooo... What did you guys play over the weekend?

Greywolfe: hooray! 2/3 done. conquests of camelot [as part of sierra december] is all-but-done. got a little bit more gameplay left and then i'll be moving onto the third and [maybe final?] game of december: rise of the dragon. i've played this one before [and reviewed it, too] - apart from the timed sequences and silly arcad-ey bits, i quite liked it.

Andrew: Vanquish and Okami

Yoda0vgs: Hopefully some more Mudd Runners and Elite in between more Last Jedi Screenings :P

Scroo: MudRunner will stay on the list this weekend. Vermintide as it comes along, the new DLC is fun and I hope to explore the new maps a bit more, maybe even get ahold of that new fire dagger for the Bright Wizard. Battle Chasers in short bursts. Even though it's been really fun I'm finding it tough to play in long stretches. Finally, as I write this I'm finishing the install for Sniper Elite 4. I really liked 3 a ton and as long you don't buy any of the DLC for these games (they're mostly recolors add up to hundreds of dollars) they're pretty damn good.

Trulegendkiller: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and probably start Assassin's Creed Origins

Dr. Strangethumb: Played some Hearts of Iron yesterday with the year 2000 mod and started the 3rd World War with Austria. We haven't won yet, things are looking good though and we kicked the US's butt into submission. Austria now owns Washington DC, Arnold Schwarzenegger is head of an independent California and the rest of the USA is now socialist.


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