I’m Sick WRUP

I'm sick and having Internet problems so I'm not writing anything this weekend.

What's everyone playing?

Greywolfe: i'm home. thank god. so now i'm playing games again. going to start the year off doing a stream of plants vs zombies so i don't have anything in the way for four in february. which i'm planning to stream in it's entirety. [maybe.] - apart from that, i picked up my ongoing game of shovel knight: king of cards. it gave me the precise jumping back, but it turned the difficulty up to eleven. i think i hate it. also! since blasphemous was in the humble choice bundle and everyone raved about it, i have started that up. it's catholic dark souls. i'm not very far in, but it's pixel graphics are beautiful [if disturbing] and it's mechanics and fights are pretty precise. so far, i like it

AJ: Catching up on some 2019 titles and trying to narrow down my games of the year picks. This weekend I’m playing some Samurai Shodown, Blazing Chrome, Darksiders: Genesis, and Indivisible.

Tru: More Warframe... That is if my new system doesn't keep causing it to crash. If so I may play more Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Death Stranding. Also I started to check out Night in the Woods and Transformers War For Cybertron... More or less working through my Steam Back Log.

Scrooloose: More MechWarrior 5 and Borderlands and Phoenix Point. I'm sick as hell so I have nothing better to do but rest and play games.

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