I Need Space – WRUP

This last week flew by for me. I'm not sure that's a such a good thing because I don't feel like I got much accomplished. I did see a couple of new trailers that have me interested. The new Top Gun movie actually seems like it's going to be alright. And the Netflix teaser for the Witcher series looks really awesome. I can't say I like that the wolf medallion has been changed so much, and I'm not a huge fan of the contact lenses that are very clearly contacts. But I will say that I'll be binging that show until my eyes look like Geralt's at the end there.

In games news, the Steam Space Exploration sale is on until Monday. Lots of discounts on space titles and it's worth a look. No Man's Sky is a hefty 40% off at $35.99 and for the more deep space sim players, Elite Dangerous is a mere $7.50. One of my most recent and happy surprises, Rebel Galaxy, is 85% off at just $2.99. Again, this is only until Monday and there are tons and tons of games on this list. Take a look if you're feeling the need for a change of pace or just want more space in your life.

Speaking of which - This also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing. A truly amazing feat in human and scientific history. Here's to all who were involved in making that happen then and to those who continue space exploration now. Cheers!

What Are U Playing this weekend?

AJ: Donkey Kong Country and Forza Horizon 2.

Greywolfe: ok.  i think i'm slowly getting into the idea of playing ac:  origins again.  so maybe that over the weekend.  on the minus side, i've casually abandoned technobabylon for no good reason and also etherlords 2 while we're about it.  etherlords just plain frightens me with what trick deck they're going to pull out next, and while i like the story of technobabylon, i'm not crazy about it sometimes throwing branches in that narrative at you.  this means that to see the whole game, you'd have to play it more than once.  and i'm VERY meh about that sort of design in the modern era.

Yoda: I've found a game that truly makes me understand. I get it now, all of it. Everyone who's ever broken their hand playing Starcraft for too long. The poeple who stopped eating by playing way too much Wow, and the addicts who could not shake their desire to put their hands back on that mouse. Don't ever play Warframe guys, it's too good for your own good.(But in all seriousness everyone should play Warframe, it's free on all major platforms and you litterally have nothing better to do and don't have to spend a dime what is wrong with all you cowards? There's an expansion coming this year that basically turns it into a proper Star Trek game just download it now and let yourself live)

Scroo: I only want to play Sekiro, it has captured me entirely very much like the Souls games had. Unfortunately I will need to stop from time to time and get back on rebuilding the deck and planning the awnings I want to make as well. Things are looking good on that front. The grill is back in place, the seating area is made, and I've got the stairs in at the end. I'm also re-grading the ground level for a catch basin drain and some borders to hold walk-on bark. Soon I'll be making planter boxes from some of the old lumber. It's finally going to be comfortable out there again. -- But also Sekiro.


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