I don’t really WRUP, do I?

Again in a bit of a hurry. So just enjoy this video (I have yet to decide on)

What is everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: Something or nothing, no idea, as always. Weekends.

Scroo: Mark of the Ninja for Game Club, I had forgotten how challenging that game is. Glad we're playing it. Maybe more Jotun. I'm not too sure what else besides, I can't say I have anything in the log that I'm particularly excited for.

Cody: Mark of the Ninja mother fuckers!!

Tru: Mark of the Ninja for Game Club. Subnautica (enjoying the new updates), going back to replay Uncharted 2 (one of my favorite games of all time).

Greywolfe: so many things.  so little time.  quest for glory 3, maybe?  a blind legend, maybe?  the longest journey, maybe?  i dunno, man.  also, i realized very early on that i'm terrible at mark of the ninja, so i'm watching someone more competent actually play it :P