Hot as WRUP

What's up, Twinstiq folks? Happy August! Here in the northern hemisphere, we are now entering the hottest month of the year, and thanks to global warming, this August will likely be one of the hottest on record. Again. Though I suppose Covid-19 is giving most people a reason not to venture out too much at the moment. So...yay for that, I guess?

Either way, stay safe out there. What is everyone playing this weekend?

AJ: BurgerTime, baby! Also, likely some Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Sunset Riders.
Greywolfe: magic'ing. the machine's built, but i'm just doing low maintenance nonsense like that. i /did/ play deatrack during the week for the first time in about thirty years, and i'm doodling around with karateka right now, [i can always get /just/ before the final boss, but then the bird fight knocks me down] but those are just me looking into very, very old games i haven't played in donkeys years. otherwise, i'm not sure where my head is at for gaming-gaming. good news! i also finished off assassin's creed: origins! [at last!]

Scroo: I think I should finish Metro Exodus this weekend. It's been pretty good I have to say. I liked the previous two games quite a bit as well. More Deep Rock Galactic as well. SnowRunner's new map is finished for me, can't wait till the next one.
Yoda: Friends and I picked up Division 2 on a whim since it was 10 bucks. Pretty fun so far. You can't throw grenades made of your own Urine at people though. So I'll need to be playing some Death Stranding as well. Plus Tennocon is happening digitally Saturday August 1st and even if you didn't buy a digital ticket you can apparently hang out in game at a unique relay and see all the cool new shit and get prizes so that'll be dope.
Tru: Yoda mentioned TennoCon for us Warframe players and I'm super excited for that. I just moved so still setting up the new place but besides Warframe I will be playing some Division 2, Vampyr (A friend bought it on Steam for me as a going away present), and I bought the remaster of Destroy All Humans.

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