Have you learned the language of WRUP?

Recently the “Are video games and the accompanying coverage too much aimed at the people who are already intimately familiar with the medium and too little towards those that aren’t”-debate started gaining some traction again and I usually wouldn’t dare to take part in a discussion of such importance to the citizens of this brave new world, but today: fuck it. I’m currently in the process of getting slightly wasted, so I might just start unzipping my food-hole and SPEAK UP!

Don’t worry though, this is still a WRUP. Something supposed to let you glide softly into the weekend, which means I won’t go balls-deep into the topic. Just indulge me for a minute or two until I’m too hammered for writing.


Of course I agree with you, unison voices that shout “YES! YES!”, but there is …wow, that was faster than expected. I’m done for today. Enjoy your weekend everyone and let us know in the comments what you are playing over the weekend.



Thomas: I’m the idiot who agreed to write a two-page piece on that one North Korea Visual Novel Dating Sim thing that was recently released on Steam, so I guess I should play that pile of garbage… Probably some Switch stuff (not TumbleSeed though. Fuck this evil evil game), maybe I’ll finish my 3rd Nier:[A]-run. I would be absolutely in the mood for some city builder or 4X or something along those lines, but who has the time for that. Not me. Not – me ☹

Scroo: Still going strong in Vermintide, the newest dlc has been a fun addition. They even added an actual boss fight. Aside from that I've been playing Styx: Shards of Darkness, which doesn't get the credit it deserves. Not much besides those though, been working hard and that's keeping me busy. Still lots of dead trees and weeds to clear out before the fire season gets going out here.

Tru: Mass Effect: Andromeda (screw the haters, I'm adoring the game). I've also gone back to play a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn as I'm close to finishing the game. Also might go back and play a bit of Final Fantasy XV as the first DLC expansion dropped a few weeks ago and I have yet to try it out.

Grey: taking a break from super mario 3d world.  i'm at the extra worlds portion and going through every level with every character is...it's something.  lol.  plus, all the other stuff that i've been neglecting as a result:  a mind forever voyaging, quest for glory 3 and something that has to take the place of reigns.  i just don't know what, yet.

Cody: Steeeeeeeep

Tru again: In other news... Yoda has problems.. I think he's been playing that nonstop since release.

Cody again: No I bought it 3 months after it came out

Thomas impersonating Cody: I can quit at any time. I don’t need it. And you’re one to speak with your undying love for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Now let me go. I need to play some Steep to calm down from this interrogation.