Happy ChristmaChauniQwansiWRUPidays

Well, the holiday season is in full swing with merriment and families coming close together to celebrate what ever it is they're celebrating together. I've already been spending time with friends around a bonfire during the solstice party drinking beer and glogg until the late evening. -Eating prime rib and turkey and yule cake and cookies. It's been a good time.

Procrastiating when it comes to shopping is something I and many people do, so it was only today that I got the last of my online orders delivered and thankfully everything is as it should be. With everything going so smoothly it's only a short time until we can bid good riddance to 2017 and move on to a new year.

Guys, we hope you all have a good, fun and safe holiday, whatever your celebration. Whether it be religious or family and friend oriented. Or just a quiet weekend with a 'do not disturb' sign on the door knob while you read a good book and play some games. Speaking of which...

What's everyone playing?

Andrew: Steep

Yoda: Still enjoying swapping between being a Mud Runner and a Space Trader. So hopefully more Elite and Mud to keep that train rollin

Greywolfe: rise of the dragon: i'm a little past half way. having the same stupid problem with the same stupid puzzle as last time around [there's a section where you need to wire tap a phone so you can pick up messages. the wire puzzle that you have to solve is very finicky.]

Scrooloose: Well if I have time for gaming this weekend I'll be surprised. But if I do it'll certainly be more MudRunner and Sniper Elite 4. Winter sales are going on and I'm also intrigued by Elite Dangerous for $7.50, so I might just have to snap it up too. Steep is also on sale but I've seen it less expensive than it's listing this time around so I might wait. Otherwise though I'm not seeing anything I can't live without. I'm strongly considering the DLC for The Surge as well. At least it's Christmas time and I have a wishlist...

Dr. S: We don't know. Hopefully he's having a good time though

Truelegendkiller: Don't know about him either. Hopefully enjoying himself.


  1. Tim Chesson says:

    I didn’t game too much this weekend, mainly focused on buiding my son’s PC. I got it 99% assembled on Saturday and spent most of Sunday installing and updating Windows 10. He was thrilled and has been installing games from Steam all morning. I also bought him Battlefield One for his Xbox and he and I have been playing that over the weekend.

    Hope everyone had a happy holiday today!

    • Scrooloose
      Scrooloose says:

      Awesome! Glad he’s happy and jumping in with both feet and you guys had a good holiday.

      I, for one, had a great holiday. Saw family and friends and shared tons of laughs. So far I’ve been able to stave off the multitude of sickness that’s floating around thank goodness.

      I gave my old PC parts to a buddy who’s been trying to build a system for a couple years. So between the CPU and GPU and motherboard I gave him and his bits a pieces he should have a decent high-low end system to put together that should still run everything he wants until he can save up for a new machine. The next day he insisted on giving some money for it, which I gladly accepted.

      We all made out like bandits gift wise. The folks got a me a new impact driver which is great. And my Sister got me a PS4, actually. I wanted a new bluray player so she just went HAM and nabbed me a PS4 slim with a 1TB drive and provided Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of War and Bloodborne to go along with it.

      I made a nice surf and turf dinner later on with scampi, new york steaks, ham, salad etc. Tons of cookies, and pie for dessert. It was a good time for all but I’m exhausted from entertaining.

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