Happy 2019 WRUP

Hey everyone! Well we made it to another year, yay us. There could be some good gaming stuff happening these coming months and I'm looking forward to finding out just WTF that's gonna be. New hardware is certain, new titles for sure, some scandalous behavior from some company or other is likely on the docket. Hopefully it'll be a year of surprises and not just in gaming and PC / Console news. We'll just have to wait and see I suppose. In the meantime we work, we sleep, we play games.

Speaking of...

Greywolfe: more rogue legacy! i bought some new games over the sales period, but i'm not sure when i'm going to get to them. gog gifted me everspace, because i spent $15 there. they also gave me fantasy general, but i bought that already. what'd i get? well. i got finding paradise, which i'm very much looking forward to, epistory, [which i'm very curious about] maniac mansion, which i've owned since it came out and tacoma [which, again, i'm very curious about. i LOVED their previous game - gone home - so i hope this will be as good.] - i also bought some stuff on "that other store" because it had a sale, too. from there, i got ori and the blind forest, because i've heard nothing but good things about it. how about you? what'd you buy for yourself for christmas? :)

AJ: Just saw Aquaman (it was refreshingly awesome) and now I’m back into Injustice 2. Also there will likely be some Octopath Traveler and Celeste, as well as a touch of Smash

Yoda: Haven't really had the time too play many video games in 2019 yet. Doubt this weekend will be much different. Still need to get best of lists done on top of other work. And what spare time I do have is just easier to spend getting shot in Counter Strike :PBut I did pick up Thronebreaker and still haven't touched it so maybe I'll try that soonish

Scroo: I've been playing Ashen still and I'm really loving it. It's right up my alley. Plus I've been enjoying my new 27" 1440p 144hz Freesync monitor and all it's glassy smooth glory. I think the problem now is that if I record a video I can't make the video frame rate match my game play frame rate so it tends to look a little choppy once rendered. I'm exploring options to fix that. Anyway, I'll also be playing more Dead Cells and I've been strongly considering reinstalling Doom, or Mad Max and playing through one of them again. Maybe both, who knows? I'm Crazy, I'll do it!

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