God of WRUP

God of War, guys. God of War.

Thomas: Thinking about playing God of War

Greywolfe: what's this.  an actual game?  i'm trying torment:  tides of numenera.  so far, i quite like it.  it's like planescape:  torment in that it's slow and very verbose and i think i like the universe, but we'll see.  but mostly just daily questing, though.  my brain is clearly not in gear for "real games."  so lots of magic:  duels [while that game is still alive], lots of magic:  arena [while that game isn't doa thanks to the ridiculous economy] and lots of eternal.  [just to show up and do daily quests.]  it sucks.  i wish my brain would stop being in park.

AJ: I'll be having a Wii U weekend with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Kirby: Star Allies.

Yoda: Finished Hearts of Stone so now I'm off to Toussaint for some Blood and Wine!

Scroo: The usual for me: Rats and Northmen will fall in droves and I'll probably drive a Soviet era vehicle or two through the mud. Haven't gone back to Doom yet, but still may. I'm also picking up God of War ASAP.

Tru: God of War!