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Everyone’s still playing No Man’s Sky? Good, carry on then.
I’ve tried F1 2016 yesterday. First impression is a very positive one, with one big caveat. After last year’s abysmal release (they cut most of the features), 2016 is a complete 180. A deeper career mode than any of the previous Codemasters F1 games, a real multiplayer Season (with support for 22 Drivers), good physics model and AI (although that was already a strength of 2015), more choices for difficulty, leading to closer, more interesting races,  and an informative introduction to F1’s many intricate regulations and rules for newcomers to the sport. The big caveat? It’s horse’s arse with a controller. You can deal with that, at least in parts, by turning on the traction control, but mostly by fiddling around with the controller configuration for an hour or so. Driving fast with a controller is not that big of deal (if you are used to it), but a big part of F1 racing is tire conservation, and doing both at the same time on a controller is near impossible. Oh, and no VR support. Real shame, especially since the Dirt Rally team (also part of Codemasters), did a really good job in that department.

Dear Codies, next year I want to see a return of the classic cars, the option for a more arcade style/controller friendly driving model and VR support, but in the meantime: good job! You almost lost me after your last 2 releases. I accept your apology.


Anyway, what’s everyone playing over the weekend?


Thomas: I’m in a cabin in the woods, so I will miss the launch of the new Deus Ex :( Probably some 3DS/Vita shit, catching ghosts and climbing mountains.

Cody: I intend to play Dota!! Also No Mans Sky is enjoyable now that I found a trainer that takes away all the time wasting resource management mechanics, so now I'm free to explore the galaxy and become immersed without being haggled constantly. I can not recommend it enough.

Scroo: I'll be hitting up Hammerfight for Game Club and of course more Song of the Deep and no Mans Sky. Next week is promising to be rather busy so who knows exactly how much I'll be able to play anything after Sunday

Andrew: Witcher 3


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    Tim Chesson says:

    I’ve been playing a mix of No Man’s Sky and Destiny, with a little of the multiplayer alpha for Titanfall 2 in there. This week has been kinda stressful though, so I haven’t really been in much of a multiplayer sort of mood, so I only got a few rounds of that in.

    Most of my time has been spent exploring planets or running mindless bounties. It’s been pretty theraputic.

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        Tim Chesson says:

        I’ve mostly enjoyed it. But I have mixed feelings about the Bounty mode, which is all I played. As you make kills, you accrue a bonus, and every so often the ‘bank’ opens and you have to make your way to a machine on the map and deposit it which increases your team’s overall score. More than once people would camp at the bank and steal your bonus. I’d rather just play straight up Attrition from the original game.

        And it might be me, but it felt like your movement speed was slower than the first game. I want to fire up a few matches of the original and see how that feels, it could be my memory playing tricks on me.

        The only other thing that bothered me was it felt like your pilot was too sticky. A few times I was leaping around the map and went to aim down my sights at an opponent, but my trajectory took me close to a wall, my feet latched onto it, and suddenly my aim was jerked away and I got dead.

        I suppose I should send them some feedback. It’s going to run next weekend as well, so I’ll plan to give it another few matches.

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          Cody Hall says:

          That’s a tad of a bummer. The character controller from,the first one is one of the best things about it. So itd be a shame if they changed that up. But if the new titans are cool then maybe it’ll be worth it lol hopefully they’ll add pc for next week

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            Tim Chesson says:

            Yeah, considering it’s still labeled as an alpha then I’m hoping there will be refinements yet to come.

            I’m not sure they’re going to have the alpha on PC at all. Something about it not being ready for all the different possible PC setups and also concern about the PC community uncovering secrets about their campaign buried in the files.

            If the PC version isn’t up to snuff then I can understand not wanting to put out a bad taste, but the second half of that excuse feels kinda weak.

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    brokedownsystem says:

    didn’t get to play the Titanfall 2 beta. there’s been some good and bad impressions, but I’ll probably still pick it up. hopefully there is a 2nd beta.

    I did get to play some video games in the form of Black Ops 3 last night. Splitscreen with a buddy. It was glorious! I’m hoping that Infinite Warfare doesn’t have that all that jetpack flying around bs that’s made COD a chore the past 2 iterations. At least black ops 3 is more tolerable than AW.

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