Finally, a WRUP

So aside from being busy AF, I haven't been able to get on WordPress for some reason or other. Now I'm here though and you're welcome.

It looks like the team in charge of Marvel's Avengers have decided that in order to keep their game going they're going to make it harder to level up past 25 and remove random cosmetic drops. Smart move guys, don't forget to implement rolling server restarts as well. That'll keep 'em coming back. Oh, and as mentioned in house here Twinstiq, don't forget to start selling XP booster packs to help people over that intentional hill you just manufactured.

Elite Dangerous, one of the biggest space exploration game out there, is starting an Alpha for it's newest expansion "Odyssey", that will allow players to explore worlds on foot as well as complete missions with two of their friendos. That will begin on the 29th this month and will open up near countless new worlds in an already unimaginably large galaxy. Sounds pretty cool to me.

As you've likely heard by now, Anthem 2.0 has been cancelled. It's not like we didn't see this coming. It's not like Anthem will be sorely missed by many. It's not likely that the current servers will continue to remain live for long, though they aren't scheduled to be shut down either. I just don't see Bioware keeping it going for a long time. It's kind of too bad, really. I won't miss Anthem. I never even played it. But it was a title with some potential and it just got stunted due, I'm sure, to many levels of bureaucracy on top of the wildly unpopular 'game as service' model. Dev teams have been pulled away to work on other projects.

You've probably also heard that the venerable isometric hack-n-slash, Diablo 2, is getting a remaster. This is actually kind of cool news, I feel. People have wanted this to happen for ages and despite Blizzard claiming that they no longer had source code etc to make it happen, it's happening. Looks pretty cool too. I think I'm actually looking forward to getting back into that at some point. My characters were all deleted many years ago due to some major error that took place on Blizz' end. Tons of people were affected and I found out much, much later that I could had them restored if I had just opened a ticket. Those of you who have those characters still? Good news. You'll be able to import your 20 year old save files and continue where you left off. I'll find you when I need my BStar and Zak Shield.

And what is everyone playing this weekend?

Yoda: God there's too many games. Black Desert Online is f2p now.Red Dead Online is silly and fun.Dota still exists.Maybe I'll just nap all weekend instead lol

Greywolfe: magic. and, while i realize i'm going to hate myself for it [because i hated myself and the original game by the end], i'm trying torchlight ii. i tried it a few years ago and just bounced right off it in the opening act. but i'm going to seriously attempt to play a little more and see where i land. so far, it's just "more torchlight 1 with some diablo 3 mixed in" and i guess that's ok? it's a very 5/10 experience, so far.

AJ: A new Smash Bros character just dropped this week, so most likely a whole lot of that, and probably a little Super Mario 3D World/Bowser's Fury for good measure.

Scroo: Deep Rock Galactic is still my co-op jam, SnowRunner is going strong in Wisconsin and I picked up Abandon Ship, which has been a fun indie ocean combat and exploration game. Think, Sunless Sea meets FTL. Good stuff.


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