Eight Ounce WRUP

So it's bad guy against bad guy in the most anticipated fight in a long, long time tonight. In the past weeks tons of controversy has been stirred up from McGregor's pinstripe suit and alleged racist remarks to Mayweather's domestic violence charges, to the Nevada Sate Athletic Comisson making a special allowance for the fighters to use 8oz gloves instead of the regulation 10oz for the weight class. Regardless of how anyone feels about these guys one thing is for sure, they're both the best of the best in their respective fields. So I figure as long as the bout isn't over in a single round this will be a hell of a fight and one that I'm very much hoping to see for myself.

But hey, aside from maybe spending $100 on a televised cross-discipline boxing match what's everyone playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: all new stuff! larry 6! [urgh] stories! [interesting!] kyrandia 2! [i'm pretty nervous about starting this up.] and dream daddy! [it's had about a month and they've ironed out one or two problems, so i want to go back in and try for as many runs as i think i can stand, getting different endings.]

Yoda: Gonna be picking up Xcom2 but I prolly be able to,play until next weekend due to the sheer amount of Busy I will be at ChicoCon

Andrew: Back to GOG - still reacquainting myself with some neglected classics. (And maybe playing some Sonic Mania on the side.)

Scroo: After finishing Hellblade, I've started Prey and it has sort of sucked me into it's twist filled story. I've yet to see any of the additions to No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises aside from graphical improvements to lighting and texture maps. I'm hoping to see more soon, maybe even start a new game in creative mode or something to see what's to be had. Other than that it'll just be the usual Vermintide runs and whatever else I can fit in. I might pick up Dawn of War 3 since Steam gave me a 50% off coupon... who knows?