I’m back from Copenhagen just in time to get an extended vacation in the Wasteland. I doubt anyone has time this week to read anything, so let’s just get this over with before I jump back into Fallout/Halo 5/Tomb Raider/SW Battlefront.

So what’s everyone playing this weekend?

  • Andrew (Twitter):
    Following the trail through an
    Atomic wasteland.
    Loot is plentiful but
    Lurking everywhere is danger.
    Oh god it's a Deathclaw!
    Urinated in my pants a little.
    Time to try again!

    4 hours later, still playing...

  • Dante: Now that the Halloween event in TF2 is over I can go back to wondering what to play next. Maybe Earthbound or DQIX.
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): police quest 3 is still police questing.  i'm in the middle of day four, where sonny has to go to court.  it is the /funniest/ court session in a game i've ever seen [for how ridiculously it's paced and how everyone behaves.] - finished rex nebular and have to think of another adventure game to put in it's place.  i'm actually going to attempt to finish inca this week, too, so i can move on :P - or maybe not :P - i'm about half way through okami and it's a wonderful, wonderful experience.
  • also!  league of explorers is out.  finished week one.  so far, it's interesting.  :)
  • Scrooloose: Still Rocket League for me, Mutator-Mashup is loads of fun. Divinity:Original Sin, Enhanced Edition is still making me happy I'm a human animal that can use reason and not a fish that can't even play games... stupid fish, can't even breathe air losers. Volgarr has been pushed a bit aside but still has my attention. My B-day is on the 18th so maybe I'll be getting a gift copy of something new, who knows...
  • Thomas (Twitter): Probably will spend the most time on deciding what I should actually play. Fallout 4 is fun, but so is Halo 5 online, and then there is Battlefront on the Xbox One for EA Access subscribers. Oh, and wasn’t there a Hearthstone thingy?
  • Trish (Twitch): Like Cody mentions below, my teeth are currently chewing some mole rat meat and drinking cherry nuka cola, not only that but artanis says hi from sc2 legacy of the void.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): While everyone else has been sinking their teeth into Fallout 4, I've been playing Dota as usual. But also some Blood Bowl 2! I like it a lot! And Dota money helped me get its sale it had a while back even cheaper, so its been a great $15 investment :p Why people pay me 5+ dollars for cosmetic drops i get in Dota I'll never know. But I'm also still enjoying Pillars of Eternity Whenever I need some time to just read a book J Oh and in anticipation for Overwatch I've hoped back into Titanfall here and there. Gawd I want Overwatch..4 hours later, still playing...