End of the Year WRUP

Well this year has flown by and it's almost 2020. The holiday season has kept me at a pretty consistent level of exhaustion. So much so that I'm actually hoping not to do anything at all for a New Year celebration.

I've been cooking and eating and drinking beer and driving all over the place, (not while drinking or intoxicated mind you) spreading a little work in where I can and in fact as I'm typing this I just got a text about a small job today. I'm tired. I just wanna play games and relax a bit. Maybe watch a movie or two and just be a lump on the couch. Speaking of Movies, I did go see Star Wars. I didn't love it. It was decent enough. Maybe we'll do a Twinstiq Star Wars Podcast once we've all seen it and formed our opinions.

Epic Games Store has been giving away games for the 12 days of free games deal that they've had going. Just one per day so make sure you're checking in on that. Today is Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun if you're interested. I'm hitting that "get" button now because free is a great price. Also remember to get your $10.00 coupon for the holiday sale if you've not done so yet. It's reusable on sale items and ten bucks is ten bucks.

We do hope that everyone has had a wonderful and safe holiday. Enjoy the last days of 2019 however suits you. Happy New Year in advance and in the immortal words of Bill and Ted -"Be excellent to each other."

What's Everyone Playing?

Scroo: More MechWarrior 5 for me. And that's probably about it. I did get Phoenix Point but I don't want to start it until I have something else finished up.

AJ: Let’s see...Still on a Star Wars kick so let’s say Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order and SoulCalibur IV. I may also play a little Elite Dangerous, we’ll see.

Yoda: I'm on a Star Wars kick too, but in Warframe. All I want to do in that game now is be the best Space Pirate Ninja ever. And it's amazing.

Tru: Well, now that I have my first PC, i've been playing lots of Warframe with Yoda I've also been playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Death Stranding (both were gifts for the holidays) and some more Control. Also, some Subnautica on the PC as I was a backer for the game and I finally have a PC I can play it on.

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