Double WRUP

I dropped the ball last week and didn't get a WRUP written.It was a busy weekend and everything happened so fast I just completely spaced it. Lots of snow, lots of work, lots of people from the Thanksgiving holiday and so on. Anyway, I don't think we missed much here. Since then though, Red Dead Redemtion 2 has made it's way to Steam and it appears that bugs have been fixed. Halo Reach has come to PC for a mere $10.00 and it seems to have made it to Steam's third most played title in the first couple of days of it's release. Phoenix Point has finally gone gold and from what I hear it's pretty good. It seems maybe it's a little buggy but there's good talk about it. The developers have released pre-order DLC options which is pretty gross but, it's less offensive when you look at the fact that the standard edition price is $40.00 instead of $60.00. Pick it up on the Epic Games Store. And finally, Darksiders Genesis is released on Steam. This has had me interested for quite a while because I'm a fan of Darksiders. The game is an isometric that at first looks like a sort of Diablo clone but plays just like it's third person action brethren. The campaign is short at only about 15 hours but it seems like people are enjoying it and the price is right at $30.00. In just a few days Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries goes live and I'll be playing the crap out of it I think. I've always enjoyed the Battletech and Mechwarrior titles and this newest game looks to have done it right in pretty much every aspect, including the price of $50.00 for the standard edition.

What did you guys play last weekend and what are you playing this weekend?

AJ: Halo 5 and Mass Effect 2. Followed by: Mass Effect 1 & 2 and more Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order.

Greywolfe: it's sierra december time! whooooooo! so i'm playing all sierra games all the time during december, although this year, i've decided to pull the band aid off and play most of the miserable ones just so they're gone and i don't have to do them again. so, i'm starting with larry 1 [the vga remake] which i am not going to like very much at all. yay! also: winding down titan quest. maybe not quite this week, but certainly somewhere in next week [there's still a handful of quests i need to backtrack for.] Followed by: it's sierra december! i just finished larry 1 [the vga version] - it was about as awkward and bad as i thought it would be. i'm now piling into ecoquest 2 which has...problems. but the scenery is generally quite beautiful [it's set in a rainforest.]

Yoda: Building my giant ass Railjack in Warframe this weekend! Woot Woot!!! Followed by: Gonna initiate a Newby into the Pcmasterrace this weekend and then play some Warframe

Scroo: With all the snow I'm getting I just hope I have power for the weekend. Hopefully some friends will be coming by before they head back home from Thanksgiving and we'll do some board gaming. Followed by: Probably more Borderlands 3 with friends and I'm really looking forward to Mechwarrior 5 on Tuesday. I'd also like to pick up a copy of Phoenix Point but, holy balls December is an expensive month. 


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